Severe dyskaryosis

Hey, Just had my smear results back as high grade severe dyskaryosis and got a colposcopy booked for less than 2 weeks, I’m so scared!! Ive had a colposcopy before after being HPV positive for a few years and abnormal bleeding. This was 3 years ago and they said everything was fine and i had mild ectropian which could explain the bleeding. 3 years later ive had my results back as severe and now my mind is in overdrive thinking something has been going on the last 3 years.
I have spoke to a few eople who have had moderate results and told me im being silly panicking.
Is anyone else in the same boat right now?

I went from borderline changes and HPV negative in 2013, normal smear in 2016 and then severe high grade dyskaryosis in 2019. They don't test you for HPV with a severe high grade result as they assume you are positive. No idea where HPV has popped up from in the last 6 years and no idea how my smear can go from normal to high grade severe in only 3 years when everyone tells you how slowly cell changes develop.

Had my lletz in July and have decided there is no point wasting the mental energy trying to puzzle out why it has all happened so quickly as there are no clear answers.

Hope you can do the same.