severe dyskaryosis, painfull symptoms

Hey Guys, I'm Samantha and am new here. I recently found out I have severe dyskaryosis after having my first smear, I'm 25. I moved to Malta from the UK early this year and since being here have been having as what I'd describe as nerve pain down my legs and into my groin, after seeing a cervical cancer awareness post on Facebook and discovering that leg pain was a symptom along with bleeding after intercorse, I realised I had many symptoms of cervical cancer and went for a smear, the results came back so quick and I was asked to go back the hospital to discuss treatment, I was devastated and thinking the worse. The doctor gave me the lab results which say, Very abundant high grade dyskaryotic squamous cells.....

Conclusion - severe dyskaryosis. The presence of an additional endocervical lesion or glandular involvement by squamous lesion cannot be excluded.

I have seen a private doctor out here because I was getting no where through the normal health services out here, he read my notes and has arranged for me to have minor op on the 11th September where he will take small bite size biopsys and a large cone biopsy which may effect me having children in future, he said he wants to do it all on two separate appointments and that I will be put to sleep during the whole procedure as that they may have to so some treatment during the op, I'm abit confused. Also he arranged for me to have an Internal 4d scan which I had this morning and the doctor said everything looked OK but he printed of 5 pictures for me to give my doctor. Sorry to go into so much detail but I'm so worried and am living in a different country which makes this whole process scary out here. I have constant pains in mY groin, legs and pelvic area, nothing too painful but its just always uncomfortable and sometimes a burning feeling in my groin. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Thank you for reading, I needed to talk/ get some advice of someone, I'm getting so depressed and that's just not me. Xx 

Hey there, sorry you're having a bit of a crappy time. It's good you've got an op date. I had a cold knife cone biopsy under general and have done a post on my experience if you want to read. In regards to having children luckily fertility stays in tact so the ability to get pregnant won't be affected but you'll have a slightly higher risk of miscarriage and early labour. The risk I think depends on how much of your cervix they take away but you can have the whole thing removed and still get pregnant :). Sounds good that you got a scan, I don't know if they do that here as standard so anything extra is always good! I'm sorry I haven't experienced the symptoms so I can't help there but I do know the symptoms of cervical cancer are the same as symptoms for many many other things also so try not to get too worried. You're in good hands now so keep yourself busy, focus on the positives and keep us updated on here. All the best and big big hugs xxx

Thank you for your reply Jojo84. I had the procedure done here In Malta on the 11th, all went OK, although it's not the nicest over here, you don't get the nice friendly treatment at hospital you do In UK over here at all. I'm not even entirely sure what happened during the procedure either, I keep getting told I will receive all the details on my discharge letter which will be sent in the post which I still don't have over a week later. I had it done under GA so when I came round the only person that really spoke to me was a nurse who didn't seem to be able to tell me much!! Its so frustrating the way they do things here. All I know is that I'm not allowed in water ,or to have intrcourse for four weeks. I was also told before the procedure that the results would usually take up to 6 weeks to come back but mine are being sent as urgent so they should be back within. 4 weeks, although that could mean 8 weeks here in Malta!!! Fingers crossed its not too bad but If it is bad news I will be looking to come back home as its too scary the way they deal with you out here. Congratulations on your results, amazing news for you. Take care, Samantha :-)

That does sound very different to the way you get treated here although i was also sent my discharge letter a few days after the op and not told much about what to expect afterwards. Glad there didn't seem to be any op complication though and good luck with the results :). Hope you're able to keep yourself busy while you wait xxx