Symptoms for ages and now severe dyskaryosis

Hi ladies,

I’ve been back and forth to the doctors since April with diffent issues. Back pain, chest pain, bacterial vaginosis, lower achy belly, dizzy spells and legs feeling like they want to collapse on a few occasions. I’ve had antibiotics twice, pelvic ultrasound, swab test and still no answers. I have heavy periods now I’m not in the pill which last 5 days.

I had this three years ago exactly and was referred to a gynaecologist, I had some funny cells back then but can’t remember the name. I was bleeding and it was something to do with the cells but not pre cancerous cells. Wish I remembered.
Nothing was done and a few months later I fell pregnant.

I had my smear luckily due end of October and received a letter last Tuesday that I had severe dyskaryosis. You can imagine my fear as I’ve had these symptoms for a long time. I’m freaking out to another level here and want my colscopy to hurry up, I’m having it Thursday.

I’m so so scared I have cancer and it is the one high up that can’t be detected easily so maybe it’s spread down now?

I don’t know what I want anyone to say, I don’t know if anyone can make me feel better. Just feeling like I’m awaiting my fate and I’m really trying to be positive but with these symptoms and being told severe dyskaryosis, it’s not making me believe it’ll be good news. X

I want to tell you my story hun.  I have had bleeding throughout my cycle for 3 years, periods remained regular but some were light and some were heavy.  I had my smear and it came back glandular neoplasia of endocervical type.  Due to my history of bleeding and my smear results my GP told me I had cancer.  I had my lletz biopsy done 6 days after my smear results.  This was a month ago now.  I had my call on Monday just gone after initially being told my biopsy results were a mismatch in that they didn't show any glandular changes, they have now told me that my smear results were downgraded to borderline glandular changes with my biopsy only showing Cin1 and 2 with clear margins.  I'm now to be checked in 6 months for a test of cure.  I like you thought I had CC especially with my bleeding But I don't.  I didn't even have high grade changes on my biopsy.  The good thing is that you are being checked out now, this really can go either way but I just wanted to let you know that it can be alright even with symptoms present. 

Thank you for responding. X

i remembered it was cervical etropian I had a few years back but checked yesterday if it was related to this now and it isn't so that was a relief.


I cannot believe your gp told you you had cancer, the scare you had and then being told you don't. Wow. Terrible.

I have my colscopy tomorrow and it couldnt come fast enough. i guess however much I stress and question everything, what will be will be. 

Thanks again,take care. x