Surgery tomorrow ..quick question ?

Going in for laparoscopic radical Hysterectomy tomorrow !!! Aaahhhh
Can I just firstly say this website is amazing everyone is so helpful and I look forward to helping & guiding others through their journey once I’m on the path to wellness x
This may sound really silly but do I have to shave down below ??
Nobody has said I do but surely if they are taking it out via my lovely vagina then it needs to be clear !( I don’t have a huge bush ! Lol)
Look forward to your answers
Mel xx

Hey Mel


Good luck tomorrow. You'll do great and it'll be over before you know.

I didn't shave, although I had a bikini wax a week before to tidy things up! My pre-op nurse told me not to shave because they don't want any little nicks or cuts going into a sterile environment.

When I was being prepped for the op, the nurse shaved across the top of my pubic hair line. I had a robotic surgery and my doc likes to clear a path for the robot to move. That was all they did and my uterus was removed via my vagina too.  

Jump back on and update us as soon as you can. You'll have several weeks of taking it easy so you'll have loads of time to chat!

love t xx

Good luck tomorrow. No you won't need to do anything like that. I forgot to ask before mine and to be on the safe side I did tidy it up beforehand. mine was not robotic. i  hope all goes well X

Thank you both !

luckily my lady garden is under control as not long come back from my holiday !! Lol

yes will pop in and give you an update 

thank you for your well wishes 

Mel xx

Just to wish you well Mel. It will be over and done with in no time, and recovery time is so much quicker than with the old zip up the front. Just remember the peppermint tea to ease the has problem afterwards. All the best x

Good luck with it all Mel :-)

I shaved myself to look like a 4-year-old because I didn't want the nurses doing it for me :-) The other women on the ward thought it was hilarious! Greek women are not famous for their shaving technique ;-)

Be lucky :-)

Hope all went well!! Xx

Thanks ladies now on day 3 post op ! Just about to do a new post x