Hysterectomy tomorrow


Tomorrow I am due to have a hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and I am 'slightly nervous' to say the least !!

I finished my chemoradiation treatment at the end of feb with treatment for infections etc in March.   I now feel back to my old self, although I know that my body sometimes stuggles if I do too much.  I am now a little worried about the recovery from the surgery and the impact it might have on me..... I have the literature etc, but I was wondering if any of you ladies have any advice you can pass on to help recovery etc....

Thanks for looking


Hi Tracey,

Good luck for tomorrow.(((HUG)))

You are bound to be nervous,but I am here to say that you will be

fine,also lots of other ladies will say the same.

The first couple of weeks are the worse,

but after that you just go at your own pace.

Don't do too much.Rest as much as poss.Take movicol lol!!

PM me if you need to know anything,I'll be pleased to pass on any tips.

I will be thinking about you.


Becky x

P.S.Drink loads of water before,during and after stops you getting any UTI's X


Hi Becky

Thanks for the reply - any tips etc will be gratefully received !!  Thanks for the tip with the water ....  I dont want any more infections.....

I have planned to do only internet research into my family when I first come home - I figured it would occupy my time because I am not good at taking things easy - I need to be occupied !! 

Thanks for the thoughts ..... I might take you up on PM's as and when 'things' happen ....

Hope you are feeling ok ...


LOL!! You'll be up and at um in no time.Just remember the stitches you can't see!!!

They are the ones you have to be careful of.

I have been really bad,then last couple of day's seem to have turned a corner,

so long may it last.Sunshine does it for me everytime lol!

Oh!Just remembered the trapped gas after the op,no lie it's painful but move around

walking helps,I was walking the hospital corridors in the middle of the night.

It's comming back to me now.....X

Good point about the stitches ..... best put a few post-its up around the house to remind me !!

Thanks for the tip about the gas - any sign and I will be pacing .....

So glad you have turned a corner,  hopefully the sun will keep shining (OK I know its the UK, but Im told I must be positive....) and we can all enjoy the summer ....

Thanks again






Peppermint tea for wind! Make sure you ask for pain relief and make sure they keep up to time with it. Don’t do too much after and don’t rush to get out!! iPod and earphones!!! If I think of anymore I’ll add. Good luck.

Thanks for the peppermint tea tip - will get that on order with the hubby !!

Hadnt thought about the ipod etc .... good point - thanks

I have read your blog - hope all is going well for you now ....

Don't have any advice love but just wanted to say good luck with everything! Xx

Thank you. 

Surgery was yesterday and all went ok ..... thanks for the kind thoughts and tips .....

Hi Tracey,

Glad everything went well.

Speedy recovery to you

Becky x

Cheers Becky - so far so good..... might get to go home tomorrow (fingers crossed).  Im lucky, my hubby is fab - he has even bought me a bell !!

LOL!I think he might regret that!!!!

Make the most of it x

Becky - I know he will !!!! lol !!  Im sure it wont last the day !

Glad it went well! Onwards and upwards. X

Oh Becky you werent kidding about the gas ... oouch.............  For those going in for the op the peppermint tea did the trick but the hubby wasnt too impressed  lol.....

Have seen the surgeon several times since my op and I will be going home in the morning .......

Oh this time I'm sorry I was right!!Glad you have found some comfort with the tea.

Out tomorrow....Wow,you are doing really well.

Great news X

Well made it home ..... thanks for the tips and advice .... really helped ...

A quick question for all those ladies that have had the surgery .....  how long did you need to take the pain relief ?? 

Im not in lots of pian, more twinges and an aching and I am taking the pain relief I was sent home with.  Thing is Im not great at taking pills etc... and it would be great to get an idea how long others took them for ..

Thanks again


I didn't take them for too long, just paracetamol for a couple of weeks really, finished taking them before injections stopped!! Continued to feel achy for a long time though.

hope u are recovering well xxx

Hi Tracey,

same here,just paracetamol for a few weeks.Then managed without.

Did'nt give me injections first time round,but did this time and I hated

doing them.

Glad you are not in too much discomfort.

You are doing really well

Becky x