Hysterectomy tomorrow - eeek!

Hi lovelies,

So after what feels like forever....only one more sleep till hysterectomy! I have had a few wobbles this weekend. 

My cousin posted on Facebook that she had done race for life mud run and put my name on as one of people she was running for on back of bib and tagged me.   I don't know why but it upset me I know she meant it in good way but posting on Facebook that she was doing for me a lovely gesture but normally be me doing the race. Not sure if that makes sense! 

I am feeling more nervous about what happens after the surgery than the actual surgery, the waiting to speak to consultant after op and then the results from histology. I have been bleeding none stop for 4 weeks so that's making me nervous.  They found some cysts on my ovaries so depending on how they look I might keep them might not so that's also worrying me too.

Sorry ladies for the woe is me post :) on a brighter note I had my eyebrows done and a pedicure this weekend and having a pamper bath later! Feel like I am getting ready for a little holiday somewhere, if only!! And I have my extra big high waisted pants, (bhs had a sale so got loads and I actually like them so comfy, might be me from now on lol. D 

One question is it ok to shave downstairs legs etc, mainly talking about etc lol. They didn't say anything about not but googled and mixed messages.

Hope you are all ok and had a good weekend.   

Lots of love,




Any last min tips will be gratefully received I have. My peppermint tea thanks to previous tips xxx

You sound well prepared for your Op tomorrow.  One thing i would definately take in with me is tablets for trapped wind, Deflatine or similar, as I remember being quite uncomfortable afterwards, I don't think the Peppermint tea would quite have shifted it.  With regard to the shaving thing, I did, but that's just my preference too, I couldn't stand the thought of being all 'scruffy',  us girls have our standards !

Good Luck for tomorrow,

Feisty xx

Thanks again Feisty I will pop out tomorrow morning or get my husband to pick me some up. xx

I'm glad to see you changed that to get the Hubby to pick you up some !! You'll have enough on your mind tomorrow xx


Good luck tomorrow. I'm 3 days post radical hysterectomy and still have gas pain. I shaved legs but also had a full on brazilian wax a couple of days before (never again) for my own preference.  Just keep up with pain killers after and try to get yourself gently up and about asap, helps with wind. I foundI had to just sit on loo and relax for a good 10-15 mind to pass some gas, be careful not to strain. My care has been excellent, fab doctors and nurses around me. Keep.us posted xx

Thanks Blackberry, will go to the chemist and get some wind ease tomorrow. Glad you are feeling ok and hope the wind pain eases for you soon. I will post a message once I can. Xxx ps made me laugh re Brazilian, I have been there done that never again either. I ended up shaving and trimming (sorry tmi!). 

Sweetpea xxx



Good luck Sarah :-)

The pampering is a really smart move! I had my razor brought in for me and did myself a full Brazillian wet shave the night before my surgery.

I completely understand how you feel about your cousin's Facebook post. It's up to you to decide who you tell about what's going on, not her. I'm sure she meant ever so well but it has been an invasion of your privacy at a time when you are most vulnerable.

And I've been living in my big pants ever since : ) Love 'em!

Be lucky :-)

Just wanted to wish you lots of love for today. And to everyone else. I hope recovery is going well. I will get my date tomorrow for RH 

So hysterectomy done and they left my ovaries as cysts were no longer there and ovaries looked spic and span apparently (consultants words).

Will do more detailed post when I am not so groggy but felt surprisingly calm yesterday had a dance with my little boy in kitchen before I left home and no tears. Was in surgery just before 1 and out about 5 so twice as long as anticipated. Consultant said op was a success obviously got to wait for histology. 

Terrible night sleep right by nurses desk so phone going off all night and other patient shouting and getting angry at nurses as she was in pain. Felt sorry for nurses going to get husband to pick some chocs up for them. 

Pain wise I am hooked up to a morphine drip if I feel pain I press a button and its on a timer so can't have too much.  Wind pain is awful they said not to have my wind ease instead they gave me prescribed peppermint water 3 x a day.  Hoping to get out of bed later catheter been a welcome relief as not sure going to the bathroom last night would have been easy.

Tivoli thanks for your message yes glad I did pampering I even washed and straightened hair but made me feel better. 

Sylvia hope you get a date for soon. Blessings 

lots of love 



Ps thanks for all your messages really appreciated them. xxx

Hi Sarah,

Glad to hear your Op has been such a success. Hopefully you will be feeling much better this morning, especially when you come off the Morphine and they take the catheter out.  You will at least be able to move about which will help with the wind pain. 

Unfortunately, Hospitals don't seem to go hand in hand with having a good nights sleep, hopefully you might manage a nap later on to catch up.

Just remember to take it easy and look after yourself,

Feisty xx

Glad all went well Sarah. Hope you're okay today. I'm still not sleeping well even at home, but then I've never been a good sleeper. Found my wind pain got much worse again yesterday (day 4) but seems a little eased today. I've still got 6 more days with catheter, can't wait to get it out now! Keep taking regular pain relief, I'm on paracetamol and ibuprofen plus codeine, I'm also having iron due to large blood loss. Glad they kept your ovaries, did they have to take your lymph glands?

Take care and rest up,

BlackBerry x

Managed to get home this evening my consultant was happy with my blood tests etc. I have had a bad pain day I think wind and wound pain as hurts v bad to move etc I didn't sleep at all at hospital ward was crammed and too warm.  Other patients not very considerate tv on very loud or talking on phone etc. I think maybe I am the opposite I think about other people over my needs sometimes not asking for help as didn't want to wake anyone in night etc.  So being in a quiet room at home is bliss. 

Pain wise today has been quite painful if I move or get up I am sure all normal stuff.  Straws are a blessing they provide them at hospital but good to have some at home.  

I don't think they took any lymph glands he would have said I think.  I can't believe I weighed myself before op and then weighed myself when I got home barely eaten in 48 hours toast and small salad  I weigh 3lbs heavier lol how is that possible? I'm intrigued I thought I would have lost 1/2 stone haha was thinking my old jeans might be getting a wearing (don't worry only joking!). 



Ps sorry just noticed I repeated myself re pain there. Thanks Feisty hope you are ok and keep strong and Blackberry keep recovering and resting and don't forget your excercises. Xxx

Sarah I will be the same in hospital , trying not to bother anyone. I wonder if you weighed more because of the fluids that can build up. Interesting! Thanks for posting.

x Mitch