Struggling with the wait....

Hi All -Partially an update and me just vocalising how the uncertainty of waiting is stressing me out a little.

I was formally diagnosed with Stage 1B Adenocarcinoma cancer of the cervix - referral to the Royal Marsden. The info I have so far is that I have a 4cm lump in my cervix which they believe they can remove via a radical tracheloptomy at which point they are also going to remove lymph nodes around the area to check for microscopic cancer cells.

Last week I had a probe MRI which looked at the lump in more detail, i have an agonising  wait until 7 March to get my results and a firm treatment plan on whether the lump can just be removed or whether i need to have other treatment.

Waiting is the worst - not only am i trying to prepare myself i also feel alittle like a fraud. I keep finding myself rationalising that I only have stage 1 cancer and I could be worse.

Is anyone else feeling a little like this? Also trying ardently to make sure i give myself space - but also want to ensure I live my life and have as much fun as I can before I'm laid up. Any one got some good strategies to deal with the wait and feeling like youre in an eternal Limbo zone?


Thanks xx

Waiting is the worst!!  I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and saw an oncologist 2 weeks ago.  They wanted to take it to the tumor board before deciding on a plan and the wait is killing me!  My anxiety is through the roof.  Hope you find something that helps.  Prayers to you. ❤️


Waiting is extremely draining. I'm not someone who gets particularly stressed. Im able to block it out of my mind. But I feel physically drained. The trying not to worry is exhausting. 

I planned on having a really fun week before my surgery and then got a bloody awful virus and spent the week feeling dire and then they postponed my op because I had a cough.

So to be honest I'm not sure anything really works with the worrying. 


Thanks ladies. I really have been trying distraction tactics. But today has been like a rollercoaster and it’s like the big c has been following me around all day. 

Right now wine and mini eggs are my friends! 

Hi Kathryn the waiting is horrendous isn't it but if wine and mini eggs do it for you who are we to judge haha with me it was gin and turkish delight. Keep your chin up and good luck somehow when you have a treatment plan it galvanises you x

Hello Kathryn :-)

Well I have to say that wine and mini eggs sounds like perfect medication to me! :-) I'd hold off on the gin and Turkish delight until it gets really tough ;-)

I didn't have the awful waiting game that so many of you have to go through, with me it was more like being put on a tea tray at the top of a steep hill and being given a hefty push. But farther down the line, when I was approaching a follow-up exam, that's when those same anxieties would hit me hard, so I do know how it feels.

Hang in there, not all news is bad.

Be lucky :-)