Waiting anxiety

Hi Ladies, I hope yous are all doing well with your treatment.
I got my MRI appointment in for fri 11th nov and consultant weds 16th… My nerves are shattered with the waiting, anxiety levels are through roof, the pain ive been in since biopsy 3 weeks ago is terrible, though only bled for week after, not sure if its infection or something else or just because of the prodding down there…feel absolutely shattered all time too, but refuse to take day off work,…

Hi Lesley,
Im a bit further on than you as im awaiting a radical hysterectomy. The waiting for results is definately the worse part. Hang on in there!! The mri should give you clarification of what you are dealing with and i did feel alot better when i knew what i was facing.

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Hi wjg

Hope you are doing ok, yes its terrible , hopefully after MRI things will become clearer , its the not knowing+ waiting i just seem more emotional as time goes on, its strange how it affects you. Thanks for reply x

I found the waiting for scan results the WORST part! Nothing seemed to ease the anxiety I was feeling but it’s right - it’s so much better once you know what you’re facing. It helped me to keep repeating my story to myself and try to convince myself it was early - don’t get me wrong though I had bad days where every niggle I thought was related and I just couldn’t think rationally. Things are probably not as bad as you think. Thank god for smears! :heartpulse:

Hi amaayrachel

The wait is horrendous thats for sure, MRI is later than was planned, so dont think thats helping either, plus I’m clostraphobic so just want that part over with too. And then the wait for treatment plan and to find out exactly whats there or if theres more. Heads working overtime. Even hubby’s having nightmares and no idea what to say to make things easier for him . Yeah thank goodness for smears thats for sure. Hope everything is going well for you. Thanks for replying x

Omg i thought i was anxious via the waiting and unknown treatment plan, all ive wanted to no since diagnosis. well , tomorrow is that day, and now im thinking shoot am I ready for this , how will i react… Im petrified, yet its all ive wanted to no since start of my journey end of September, and now im thinking, am i thinking clearly, i cant feel like this now as i jus need to no, thoughts and emotions all over the place… Normal?