Struggling with the wait!

Hi all. I was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. Today i was supposed to be going for my staging and get my treatment plan but they called yesterday to say my MRI results arent back yet so i have to wait another week. This has really knocked me. I have been trying to remain positive but another weeks wait seems horrendous. I am convincing myself that it is late stage, every ache and twinge i am panicking. When i went for my smear they started and stopped saying there was an issue with my cervix. This is making me worry as it is visible with the naked eye. Today i have descovered a small lump in my groin area. Its all terrifying me and i dont know how to go another week with the uncertainty of it all

Hi Poppet
Welcome to the group sorry you find yourself in this position, i know the waiting is hard we have all been there and thought the worst but it never is as bad as you think and once you get the results and a treatment plan it does get better. Try to keep yourself busy and the week will soon pass. And if you have any questions or just want to talk there’s always someone here

Sending you all the best :heart:

Hi @Poppet23 so sorry you have joined the club no one wants to be in x
I can promise you that every one of us has been where you are now, the uncertainty and panic, suddenly having all sorts of twinges and thinking the worst, honestly this is the hardest part, it really is a lot easier to deal with when you get a plan in place.
Read through some of our stories and you will see your not alone, for the moment keep yourself busy and make some ‘you’ time (I know this is easier said then done!)
You can do this and you will surprise yourself how strong you can be xx