Struggling to cope.

I'm a newbie!! my story.  35 on Mothering Sunday. 30-3-79

I went for a routine smear on the 24th feb. This came back with abnormal cell so I had to go for a colposcopy on the 28th of feb. I went and I was told id have to have the loop procedure. This wasn't as bad as I thought. The nurse took what she need and said see you in 6 months for a follow up appointment. Thought nothing of it. Happy that she removed it all. Then the worst thing happened. My partner received a call 2 days later to take me to the hospital on the 3rd of March with no explanation. I was in a mess for the whole weekend. I attended my appointment in the Monday to be told that the biopsy had come back and that I had cervical cancer. I was beside myself (1st thing I thought was oh my god jade goody died from this) my head was a mess!!! I had my CT and MRI that same week, these were both the worsted experiences of my life!! Scary things to have done!! I was called back by my consultant to say I was early stages grade 1b2. I was then told to have a think about weather I wanted anymore children. I went away to think things the ought with my partner and we decided we were lucky enough to have the 3. I went for another consultant meeting and was told that I'd need a radical hysterectomy and was booked in for the 1st of April. This has all been so much for me to take in and I'm in a roller-coaster ride emotions. I have 3 months off work now. I had pre op on Monday to go through everything.. Wow info overload. I'm now in count down to get rid if the dreaded C out of my body!! I can't wait for it to all be gone! So I can put this all behind me. Does anybody have any tips for post op for radical. I'm so scared never ha an op before. Thanks for taking the time to reading my story. It really help to get it off my chest and to people that have been through or going through the same. Regards Kelly.

Hi Kelly

That's more or less what happened to me too.  The consultant said he'd got it all and then I had a phone call nearly 2 weeks later on the Friday, asking me to go in on the Monday where I was told I had CC.  I had never had an op before and I was terrified.  Believe me, it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be - honest!  I was discharged 5 days later and felt OK.  I was unlucky in that I developed an abscess but I stress that is very rare and my consultant said it was 3 years since he had seen a case like mine.

I had a vertical incision with ovaries removed.  I had a fibroid on my womb and also a large cyst on my left ovary.  When I came home I felt very vulnerable at first and you have to take it slow and steady.  Its important to start taking little walks, building them up gradually but don't overdo it - your body will certainly tell you if you do!  No lifting, bending, stretching etc,  I bought a pick up thing that I could pick stuff off the floor with.

You will get days when you feel down and tearful but these get less frequent as time goes on.  Be kind to yourself, put your feet up when you are tired and eat healthily.  I started taking supplements such as green tea which has anti cancer properties.

You'll probably get a bit of swelly belly too but again this improves with time.  I lived in jersey draw string trousers as they were the most comfortable thing to wear.

I'm nearly 6 months post op now and the time seems to have gone really quickly.  Each week makes a difference in the recovery process and its great when you get a bit of normality back!

Good luck with your op and try not to worry too much. You will get lots of support from the wonderful ladies on this site, it really helps you get through it.

Please message me anytime if there is anything you want to ask.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank you so much for your message Cheryl. I found a lot of comfort in your reply. I won’t know until I wake up from my op weather I’ve had incision or keyhole or weather I have ovaries or not. My consultant said she is going to have a look when she is in there, If there is any sign anything then she will remove them.
Can I ask what was the gas like for you because at the moment that’s the thing that everyone is saying is bad!!
I’ve had so many low day but I keep reminding myself that there are other people that was probably unable to have the op to remove and are terminal… I’m not and that also keeps me going.
You have complete changed my mood and for that I thank you. X

Hi kelly...its s#*t but you will get through this. I had op done keyhole in nov then 25 radio blasts. Im only just getting my head round it to be honest. My life has totally been turned on its head...its difficult but as cheryl said there is always someone on jos to help you and offer rteasurrance ..lea xx

Hi Kelly

Yes the gas was pretty painful but I drank masses of peppermint tea which did the trick.  Probably only lasted a day or so but I think that was down to the amount of peppermint tea that I drank!  They did have it in my hospital but I had taken a box of the tea bags in with me anyway.

One of the nurses recommended diluted peppermint cordial which also helped but I found the tea more comforting.

So pleased I have been able to help - always here if you need me.xx

Cheryl thank for you reply. I have got lots of pepper mint tea and peppermint sweets to take. Ive never had an op and for my 1st one this is a biggy. Thanks again…

ibooker im hoping to have keyhole but wont know until I wake what they done! This has really turned my world upside down, but I have to think positive I have 3 healthy children and hopefully after tuesday im all done and just have to recover from the op. Thanks fir your comforting wordsxx