Stressing myself out!

I am stressing myself out! Long post warning so if you read it all thank you in advance! I feel like something is wrong but No one seems worried besides me...


I am nearly 28 years old. After having my first son I was told in 2013 I had an abnormal pap, had biopsy and told I had high grade cell changes but not cancer, had the LEEP done and never had any issues going forward. I had my second son 4 months ago. While pregnant I had bleeding after sex, they weren't concerned until I asked for a pelvic,exam, both the NP and my Dr. Saw "lesions" on my cervix. But they didn't act concerned and just said at my 6 week follow up after baby we would likely biopsy it. Biopsy was in December and they took 3 spots that they noticed. One came back low grade changes. My Dr isn't concerned and didn't even phone me, just had the info sent online to my email and suggested a pap smear on a year. In my mind if my body didn't fight cell changes before I'm afraid it won't this time either, and I feel like No one is taking it seriously!

In the beginning of December when I had my biopsy I also has nexplanon (birth control in my arm) put in. I had this birth control previously to having my second and never had any issues. About a week after the nexplanon I started bleeding. I've been bleeding 9 weeks straight! Went and saw my NP and she says it's just hormones leveling out from post baby and new birth control, also diagnosed me with BV (bacterial vaginosos) and gave me an antibiotic. Also gave me a low dose birth control pill to take for a month to stop the bleeding. So after a week of being on the pill also, I am still having an odd bloody discharge. My lower back pain has been getting to me a lot lately. Initially I associated it with my little,bundle of joy, but all of these things combined are in my head!

Am I worrying about nothing? Would you ask for another smear if you were me? (I technically haven't had one since January 2017, my Dr said since I had biopsy I didnt need a pap). I have a strong history of cancer in my family (grandma had cervical, aunt had breast, and mom had breast) and I'm just so afraid to have them miss something... Does that happen?!?


Thanks so much for those who've read this far! Any input ia appreciated!

In some respects, I can understand your anxiety as I am suffering from prolonged bleeding after a smear and I wondered if there was any connection to the Mirena coil I have. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for another smear, not because I think anything is wrong, but it might put your mind at rest and as your family has a history they shouldn't deny it.