Hi, I don't know if this post is in the right place or even if I should be posting on here.

I am concerned about a cancer diagnosis and feel I don't have anyone to talk to, feel like I'm moaning or making a big deal out of nothing. 

It all started last year, after having my third child I had the inplant fitted after two weeks, a few months later I was diagnosed with depression. I didn't feel this was the case but all blood tests came back fine. Anyway about 4 or five months ago I had a three week period and then came the pain! It always came before I was due on, I could feel it on my lower right side, at times I struggled to walk, the pain came and went between periods too but not as prolific. Then I started bleeding after sex, sometimes bad sometimes not so much, I also get pressure in my lower back and I am always exhausted i also get migraines on and off. I don't go to the doctors often but after my husband nagged I did. I thought he'd say it was the implant's side effects, irregular bleeding and headaches are common.

He asked if I'd had my smear I said no (I had just turned 26). So he did one, he took some swabs and said I have cervical erosion, but he couldnt see anything sinister. He said he'd like me to have some blood tests and an ultrasound. So I had my bloods taken and last week went for my ultra sound. The lady doing the ultrasound was being assessed so I had 3 people observing my baby making equiptment. She went over the symptoms and got to work. After lots of goo, measuring and prods to my very over filled bladder, she said she would do an internal ultrasound. 10 minites later in my backless gown and free of the largest wee I've ever done she set to work again. Again lots of measuring and then as she was about to finish one of the assessors noticed something she had missed. I asked when they had finished what they had found, she told me get dressed and she would tell me after. While getting changed there was lots of whispering. I came out and she said I'd have to wait for the doctor to explain anything they had found, to make an appointment in about 2 weeks woth him and that there was something but it looked a bit like a fibroid!!!!!

So I got home and called the doctors, made my appointment and asked if I could know my blood and swab results. She told me there were no swab results on the system??? I explained that the doctor had taken 2 or 3 at least. But nothing (my doctors are usually very good at chasing things up etc) I was a bit miffed but she had my blood results, mostly normal but there was a slight abnormality indicating a mild infection? She couldn't tell me anymore than that.

For around a week or so (possibly longer, I'm very good at ignoring things) I have had a constant ache in my left flank (kidney area) i have had kidney infections before and this is not the same, it's not pain as such more constant pressure and achyness. It feels worse when i carry the children up the stairs or in some positions! My urine is clear no smell and no burning when I pee?

I would like advice, does this sound like anything serious? I feel I am worrying for no reason! I intend to go back to the doctor tomorrow with this pain as it's persistant but yet again feel like I'm wasting his time and somebody else who really needs it is missing out. Wouldn't they give me results sooner if it was serious? And what has happened to my smear results?? I feel like I am making a big deal over nothing but all I can think about is my children and my husband. I haven't told my husband half of this. He's a major worrier and feel it best to wait until I know for sure. But it's driving me CRAZY!xx

Oh you poor thing, it really sounds like your going through it at the moment. It's the not knowing that awful You just want them to Diagnos you and get you sorted. Your GP doesn't sound very helpful. Have you been back to the GP today? did they tell you your Smear results? The results from Smear's dont normally take any longer than 2 weeks. I got mine fter 10 days. I hope you find out soon and you can start getting back to normal. Xx

Yes, he said my smear came back normal and that i have a fibroid about 2 inches in size, but thats not causing the bleeding. I have a coloscopy appointment on friday. But he said my bloods came back fine and the abnormal result was nothing to worry about. I feel like a fool. Thank ypu for your kind support though.