Should I be worried?

Hey everyone. Well this is kind of a long story... well actually more then one story lol.. but here goes. I have been dealing with abnormal pap smears for a while now. Just in the last year have had CIN3 and have had a LEEP done. Which 3 months later I am still having some issues. ( bloating, pain and cramping in the lower left abdomen, and being more tired then usual) my follow up is coming up in a month and am trying  to wait until then to talk to gyno. Because my only other option is to go to duty doctor and they are never helpful. 

Aside from all of that , for about the last 6 months my 16 year old daughter has been having what we thought was re occurring bacterial vaginosis (because the duty doctor was treating her without doing swabs) once we finally got her into our family doctor they did a PAP test, swabs and checked for BV as well as other sti's. Swabs for BV and STI, came back negative. They sent her home with a prescription for a YEAST INFECTION pill! And sent a referral to a gyno.... then a couple of weeks later we got a call from the receptionist to tell us her pap results came back as adenocarcinoma in situ. And she would have to come back for another PAP in 6 months.....??? 

Since I have gone thru this myself i have some knowledge of how things should go. But from my underatanding adenocarcinoma in situ is more serious then CIN3.. so why would thwy just be waiting? And I'm confused as to how they can diagnose her without sending her for a biopsy. 

Please tell me I am just being over cautious because its happening to my baby and that we should just do what the doctor is telling us and wait the 6 months! Because my gut is telling me otherwise.



I don’t blame you for being worried. I would take her back to test again. I also am worried I have something wrong with me with BV symptoms as well as bleeding, fatigue etc. I hope she is ok. Hugs 

Hi shirleytemple , I was told I had adenocarcinoma in situ after I had a biopsy done , my pap test only showed abnormal cells from my understanding it’s the biopsy that found my cancer, I would definitely get a second opinion it sounds like ur doctors arnt explaining things properly to you or they are been very relaxed about a situation that needs to be investigated further I wouldn’t be happy to leave it 6 months , please god it’s nothing serious and dr been calm because they no there is no need to be worried but for ur own peace of mind I think you should have a second opinion , best wishes to your daughter ,Melissa x