Stressing about mid cycle bleeding

Hey girls. 

Long story short, I started having spotting after my period ended about two yrs ago. I’m 38. I had my smear test 4mths early, all clear, this was two yrs ago now, the spotting continued, I had an ultrasound, all clear. The spotting stopped for about 8mths and then started again in February. It tends to happen 4/7 days after my period ends, bright red. Lasts a day. My doctor tells me it’s nothing to worry about, but I lost my brother to Cancer when he was only 16. I’m a single mum of two and this whole situation terrifies me. How can they know it’s nothing to worry about, when I’ve not had any checks for two yrs. This is affecting every aspect of my life, it’s on my mind all the time and I won’t have a physical relationship with anyone for fear of bleeding. I’m a born worrier and I can’t sertle my mind. My next smear isn’t due untill October. I had spotting again on Xmas eve after not having any for two months prior, everytime is happens it seems to get heavier. Any advice? X