So worrried - Children Mentioned

Hi everyone, if anyone can help, advise i would really appreciate it. I have been spotting since oct, it was the tiniest amount of blood, for only maybe a day, two at max. I I went the docs in January, she gave me an internal and said to come back in six months. I had no spotting at all from January until June. I had a period in June, full six days, then a break for 4 days then began bleeding again, at first I thought it was spotting, but after the first day it turned into a full blown period. I bled for 1o days, heavy for first couple then gradually easing off through the following days. I went back to the docs who has sent me for blood tests and a smear, I have had both now, just awaiting results. I have always attended my smear tests and have never had an abnormal result. After my smear (yesterday I have started to bleed again) I finished bleeding on the Sunday after 10 days, had a smear on the tuesday and now I am bleeding again, and experiencing some pain, not enough to take painkillers, but it is there.  ( the nurse told me I had started to bleed, but she said my cervix looked fine) I am so, so worried I cannot even function properly. I am 36, have 2 children and take no birth control as my husband has had the snip. Please someone help, advise me. Thank You


It's easy for everyone to say "don't worry" but your mind still keeps racing. I have had spotting and bleeding for extended periods of time for over 8 months now. Until recently I've had normal smears. But as it happened at the end of may I went for my normal one and it came back with borderline changes. As my recent "period lasted 21 days- I was sent to the consultant who did colposcopy that showed dense acetowhite changes (indication of high grade changes) and some contact bleeding. But when I rang up for result the secretary said- all was fine and to go back when planned to discuss treatment. So I presume they take the abnormal cells away and be done with it.

There are many causes for spotting and irregular periods.  Such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease etc. Until proven otherwise- try to stay positive and look forward to the future xx

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I am sorry that you have been having trouble too, it is such a worrying time. I hope that everything goes well for you. xx