Bleeding any advice please

Hi I wondered if could have some opinions please as I'm getting myself all worked up. I do have pcos but never had any problems with that what so ever problems started around may time started spotting mid cycle  just on wiping.. No bleeding straight after intercourse but sometimes 1-2 days after I have some when wiping but not all the time so could this be a coincidence I'm unsure. The last few months I have sometimes came on 8 days early and was always regular for me I have very long cycles 38 days possible due to pcos last month I had no spotting at all and thought great but I did come on 10 days early... Finished as normal and nothing until 2 days ago started spotting again. I've worked out this would be when I would should have had my period. I have also come out in lots of sore spots on my chin.  The doctor has looked and says my cervix looks normal and I had a internal scan 3 weeks ago as I did have a miss carriage in may to check all was OK there and scan was normal. I'm due a smear which should have been tomorrow but now they have cancelled it till next week and I'm beside myself with worry as ever time u Google it says cervical cancer.  Is this how others have had symptoms or does it sound like it's hormonal or due to my pcos I'm so so worried and can't function as I just feel as though it's gonna be too late and it spreading through my body I suffer from. Anxiety.  The spotting is usually light pink never heavy bright red blood I just want answers but nothing seems to be happening quickly. I feel tired and dizzy but this could be because I'm worrying all time and don't feel as though I'm sleeping properly.  I'm also thinking couldn't be pre menopause as my mom was my age I'm 37 any advice or symptoms u had would be greatly received thank you 

Did you figure out what it was? Thanj you