Scared spotting and pain

Hi I am writing on here hoping for some more info or diagnosis stories as I'm confused and scared witless 

I had a miss carriage in June and since then I have been having spotting inbetween periods and also brown/peach pink discharge I am scared I have cervical cancer. The episodes though are very random the spotting usually occurs maybe just once or twice when I wipe and then nothing rest of day and then maybe go a week or so and will random get it again I normally know when it's gonna happen as I get a period type pain other than that I have no other symptoms after sex I don't bleed but sometimes the day after I will again have blood but light pink when wiping is this familiar with cervical cancer or would I be having it everyday or for longer like more than once in a day also after sex did people bleed straight away or is spotting the day after a coincidence. I have been the GP who has looked and said my cervix looked healthy what ever that means... I didn't think they could see by looking but who knows and first thing she doing is a scan to make sure miscarriage all away which I'm sure it is then maybe a smear test I'm due in January anyway and always had regular ones with no abnormal results

I'm just a sufferer from. Anxiety and this is scaring me witless as I have 4 children and I'm so worried that waiting for a scan and not doing a smear test is going to make it spread and be worse.  My Cycles always been long 36 days regular and not changed much but my mom started menopause at my age 37 I'm hoping it's that. I just would like some advise please. And thank you