Still not healed/Clot in discharge.


I had microinvasive adenocarcinoma removed last June by lletz which was then followed 4 weeks later with another lletz as they hasn't gotten good enough margins. 

After my first lletz I got a nasty strep infection which caused me to haemorrhage. 

I had my 6 month checkup in January. Biopsies came back as HPV positive still but no cgin. Phew. However, my smear was inconclusive so I had to wait 3 months for another. 

Had my smear on Monday. Apparently my cervix is still bleeding to the touch. She said she's not too worried as cancer was further up and she'd expect it to still be sore!! 

I went to the loo to day and a massive lump of stuff came out (sorry if tmi). It kind if looked like a film of yellowy skin with this big very hard lump of dark blood/clot. About the size of a £2 coin. 

Has anyone else experienced this after a smear? Has anyone else not healed a year down the line? I get quite a bit of pain, I'm just not confident this is right but the doctor just seems to fob me off. 

Any help would be appreciated, thanks xx 

I haven't experienced your symptoms and I am sorry you are suffering, but just wondered if you've had any more swabs to see if you still have am infection? Maybe you need a longer course of antibiotics or anti fungals? 


Good luck


Hi Shewolf, 


Thanks for taking the time to reply. 

No I haven't actually. I think I'm going to go to try and wait for the results I'd this smear and then go to my GP. 


Thanks again!