Smear 6 months after lletz

Feeling very anxious today after having my first smear test after lletz for CIN 2 in December.  I posted on here back in December after I'd had the lletz as things didn't exactly go smoothly and I ended up in hospital over Christmas with a horrible infection.  I haven't felt as though things are right since then and now I'm just working myself into a bit of a state about everything!

The nurse that did my smear yesterday said that she could see a red dot on my cervix that was bleeding (I have had some bleeding between periods since the lletz) and when she touched it, the bleeding became a bit more significant.  This doesn't sound good to me but I wondered whether anyone has experienced anything similar that hasn't turned out to be anything worrying?

I know I'll have my results back within a couple of weeks so it's not too long to wait and worry but if anyone has anything positive to say, I'd be seriously grateful!

Hey Sweetie,

Well done for getting through your smear. After your experience after LLETZ it must have taken real guts to gear your self up and let someone have another look.

My understanding is that bleeding can come from lots of causes, most of them are nothing sinister. If you had an infection after your LLETZ it could just be that things haven't quite healed properly. Either way, the smear results will give more information and you're in the system so if there's anything to worry about you'll get the treatment you need.

We all worry ourselves stupid when we are waiting on tests and results but it's good to try to relax and distract yourself if you can. I am strugglng with some of the after effects of my treatment this week but I am thinking I might treat myself to a pedicure to reward myself for struggling through.

What little treat would you like for being a brave lady?


Thanks very much Rosehip, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I'm trying to stay positive and just hope that it's an area that hasn't healed properly but I have this horrible sinking feeling that it isn't.  I went back to the consultant who did the lletz a couple of months ago and he had a look and said that everything was healing nicely so I have no idea what this red dot is!

I've seen your posts under some of the other forum topics and I think you're fab to be giving such positive advice when you've been through / are going through a tough time.  You are definitely in need of a treat, I think weekly treats to be honest!

We have a holiday planned for next week so I'm hoping that'll take my mind off things although I know Im going to be thinking about the letter that'll be waiting on the doormat.  

I'm so thankful that I took myself off for a private smear after my routine one just 11 months before had come back fine, who knows where I'd be if I hadn't and, as you say, at least I'm in the system and it'll be dealt with if necessary.


Ha! You're too kind - I think I'm just the TMI girl! Wink

Hi i had my treetment 2nd jan iv noticed that everyone has had a smear test 6 months after there treetment iv been told i have to have one in 6 weeks is this anything to worry about im not looking forward to it as its so soon after treetment its only early days yet but so far no bleeding guess thats to come yet just dont understand why i have to have the smear so soon