still having problems

hi everyone, so i just wanted to see if anyone has had simlar experience and story or can give me advice

last year i had 1a1 cervical , i had 2 ops which they removed it , every since ive always dealt with pains ive been back and forward to hosp had scans, theres issues as my doc at the hosp has been off sick for mnths but im seeing her 10th oct as shes now back! my gp was unhappy with our hosp as ive just been left so to speak along with others , its all abit complicated which lead my gp to contact the director anout me,  and its been like a fight to find an answer to this problem i have daily but it is better then what it was but only started getting bit better past couple mnths ,  bleeding has accured but nothing to heavy i have awful back pain and sex is an issue as it causes alot of pain after bearing in mind this is all ongoing since last june !! ive also go another problem been  as my gp recently noticed swelling in my neck so seen doc at hosp had scan, now goin for a biopsy as scan has shown a mass  , its just never ending and i just dont no what to do and feel , is my pain cervicaly permant damage? , then worrying about the neck biopsy , my local hosp isnt the best and i feel im out on my own when it comes to answer please can anyone help me , my head just can process things im so confused with all of this


Hi Jill,

so sorry to hear you're having such a stressful time. I noticed no one had had chance to reply yet so I thought I should so you don't feel alone although I can't offer much insight or advice, just empathy!

What ops did you have originally? I've read that sometimes the various ops can cause temporary or sometimes permanent nerve damage which might be why you're experiencing some pain.

You shouldn't be having to fight so much for your voice to be heard. Do you have a Macmillan department at your local hospital? Or you could ring their helpline for more practical advice?

I have only recently been diagnosed and still waiting to have an appointment to discuss treatment, but I suffer with bad lower back pain and have been wondering if it's related to the cc.

The swelling in your neck could be any number of things so (easy to say) try not to think the worst. I work with a ladt who had a large swelling / lump on her neck for a while and was convinced it was something serious but it turned out to be something very minor.

The pain you feel during sex shouldn't be permanent, I think it just takes a lot of readjustment, but then there might be a problem that is causing the pain that they can easily rectify.

I'm sorry you feel so confused, it's totally understandable. I hope someone on here can shed some more light on this for you.




I agree with tank, although I too have not been through what you have.

Sorry no one replied. I think on here people read the posts applicable to themselves but don't write unless they know what to say. This most prob means ur case is unusual, not that people aren't interested. I hope you get everything sorted x

Sending you an end of the weekend hug and best wishes, Dons x

hi tank thanks for your reply , i had cin3 serve cells from smear so i started with cone biospy i had the 11th june 12 the bk in after showing stage 1a cc back in 22nd aug today is my 1yr clear , im seeing my doc at hosp 10th oct so goin to have a good old discussion with her now shes back she has been great but ever since she was on sick thats when i just got left , im sorry to hear your affected too what stage are you hope you get your treatment sorted and all be ok , ive spent today at hosp for my neck issue with my scan showing the mass there taking needle biospy to rule out cancer but i may need bits (nodlues) removed (sorry for lack of detail you never remeber the names an terms) so surgery and a scar but will see how it goes i have the option to not go ahead but further future problems can happen i have pain around neck and somtimes to swollow is sore , rub me out and start again Tongue Out

j xx

hi dons thanks aswell for replying , yeah i agree but i dont mind im doin the same looking for help or simlar but its realy nice and helps to chat to pple i hope to be sorted soon its been ruff time we lost my aunty to cervical 2011 the simlar time to my cc my uncle was terminal with bowl cancer and then his brother died few mnths later cancer too its so sad how many pple are affect and i truly hope a cure will come i wish i could help more pple myself or even a magic wand and rid everyone of this battle , hope you are doin ok

j xx

It is a horrible disease isn't it :( my mum had breast cancer a couple of years ago but finished her chemo / radiation last year, and has (touch wood) had no signs of reoccurance so she's my inspiration!

Mine hasn't been staged officially yet, at diagnosis they said it was stage 1, and my MRI confirmed it was "early stages" but I don't know what stage of stage 1 it is yet! Next appointment on Monday to discuss treatment, can't come quickly enough xxx

yeah i no that feeling you just want to no it actually took me quiet a while to even register ive been told had cancer its so strange you just cant discribe in words can you , ovarian cancer is what has always been in my family and mam two auntys always have screening at newcastle so even more shock to find im like the 1st with cc, i have my biopsy for neck next thur ive just past my year clear with cc (25th sept )and now checking i dont have another cancer , i left the hosp yeserday and just cryed its like its a dream and i just want to wake up , i feel bad tho somtimes because ive been so lucky with the cc and others havnt and other in such worse cases  but i just feel so drained its like its starting all over again but just diffrent end of the body , i hope you get all the answers mon and you feel fully informed its just so much to take in and sink in let me no how yoyu get on too good luck , jill xx

Oh Jill,

you do seem to be having your share of cr*p and a few other peoples share at the moment... I am sorry that you have to go through this but chin up gal, keep going. To have gone through it all once proves you can do it again. You don't WANT to obviously but that's life. Just p****es you off sometimes that some people seem to get all the luck! doesn't it? And it's usually those who don't deserve it... Umm... Bah!! Positivity, be positive!! Get sick of hearing that sometimes, don't you? But gotta keep looking forward, live for the future not what has gone on in the past.

lots and lots of luck to you

xxx don

tthanks don, its true the ones who dont dersve it end up with the shit end , its hard to take note when pple say keep positive but coming from fellow pple who do no its so what more better as you no how it feels and understand etc hope your doing ok and best for future too

jjill xx

Did u have ur appointment today? How did it go?