I need some help and advice!

Hi everyone.

I am hoping someone can help me or have experienced something similar that can provide me with some advice.

I was diagnosed in June 2022 with 3C1 and after 25 cycles of external radiotherapy, 5 cycles of cisplatin and 17.5hrs of PRD brachytherapy I received my “all clear” on the 10th of December 2022.
However, in the past 5 weeks, I have noticed changes to my discharge which I initially thought may have been down to changing HRT. As time has passed, the discharge has become gradually more persistent and has changed in colour and texture (similar to my pre diagnosis discharge). I have started with back pain and also a aching/stabbing pain in my left hand side of my pevis/uterus area. Well this week, i have started with some light intermittent bleeding. I know that this is not due to tissue disturbance as i haven’t been dilating since the discharge started and also had no sexual intercourse. The bleeding tends to occur when the stabbing pains and back ache intensify.

Understandably I am absolutely petrified that it is back or has spread! Can that happen so soon? Could it be the onset of my period since I was told I would be permanently infertile and my treatment only ended in September? Should I be worried?

Any help or advice is very much appreciated. I just do not want to come across as neurotic.

Many thanks,

Shannon xx

I would be on phone asking for check up xx

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Thank you so much for your reply. I will contact my keyworker x

Better safe than sorry am nearly 20 years clear after radical hysterectomy and a lot of bother after it 3 tumours cancer was everywhere at 39 Ave learned over the years you don’t ask you don’t get best of luck xx

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Oh I’m so sorry to hear this but happy that you have been clear for so long. Mine was too advanced to be able to operate so unfortunately a hysterectomy was not an option which puts my anxiety on alert constantly. They are going to try and get me an appointment for me in the next few week x

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I am glad you are getting an appointment. Those sort of symptoms are often nothing but can be sinister and the sooner you have the knowledge the better. Best of luck and keep us posted.


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