Still have HPV but put back to normal smears

I have had problems with smear tests since 2008, to cut a long story short I under went a loop in March last year and the results came back CIN1, CIN2, and CIN3.  I went back for my Colposcopy checkup six months later and was told all looked okay, a smear test was also undertaken.  The result of the smear came back as normal but still showing HPV.  I was told by the Treating Nurse that I would now go back to three yearly smear check-ups.  Although pleased that my smear test result was now normal, I am anxious about the HPV and feel a bit left at risk of this being able to develop into CIN once again over the three year wait for my next smear test!


I did express my concerns to the Treating Nurse and although she took this onboard she said that they were now following new guidelines which meant although I still had the HPV as my smear was normal I would have to go back to three yearly smears.  However she did say that should I have any symptons then I should go see my GP straightaway!


I am conscious of looking out for symptons, but I never had any symptons previously and ended up with CIN1, CIN2, and CIN3!!


Just wondering if anyone else has been told this?


I have read articles on the internet and on this forum that usually where HPV still persists after a loop it's normal for annual smears to continue so as to keep a check on the situation to prevent further abnormalities occurring.


I am in the same boat as you. 

I had CIN2 removed in June last year, my follow up smear was normal but still had HPV present. I was refered for another colocscopy told everything looked ok and that I will now be back to 3 yearly smears. He left the room before I could question it but it seems as from this year I am hearing a lot about this but from googling in the past it seems most people had yearly ones or 6 monthly smears that still had HPV. 

Strange, i think I may pay private in a year or so time I don't think I could wait 3 years

I have uped my vitamin c intake & I'm running lots of green tea with I read does help with getting rid of HPV so fingers crossed it was gone.



Thank you for your reply prettyflower85 :o)

You do feel a bit left out on the limb!, it's such a high risk virus that you would think they would keep an eye on you just in case.

After a colposcopy a few years ago I was told then that I would go back to an annual smear test, but I was anxious about this as my previous smear had been abnormal.  I spoke to my GP and she was concerned about this and was of the view that a another smear should've been undertaken within six months and she referred me to the Practice Nurse for a smear to be carried out.  I attended for the appointment with the Practice Nurse, she queried this as my records said I was due to come back for a followup smear after a year, I informed her of my discussions with the GP.  The Practice Nurse said that she would speak to my GP and then contact me.  I did say to the Practice Nurse that should they not do the smear and there are problems as a result of scheduled annual followupsmear then I would obviously be taking action against the Surgery (didn't like doing this, but felt what other option do I have!).  A day or so later I received a call from the Practice Nurse, she had spoken to the GP and confirmed they could go ahead with the smear.  I went for the smear and the Practice Nurse said even though she was undertaking it the lab may still not test it, but said that she would stress on the documentation my history.  A few weeks later I received the results, which came back that I had high grade cell changes and an appointment would be arranged for me to attend at the Colcoscopy Dept for further examation.  I was so shocked and upset.  I just kept thinking what if I hadn't pushed for the six monthly smear, what if they had made me wait for the annual smear.


I attended Hospital and was told that I would have to undergo treatment (yikes), I thought I was just having an examination there had been no mention at all that treatment was required!!  Luckily I had my partner with me, god knows how I would've coped without him.   A loop was undertaken, approximately eight weeks later I received the results that I had CIN1, CIN2, and CIN3!! Luckily it was all taken away and I had clear margins.  They were hoping that it would eradicate the HPV, although I have since read that it's highly likely I will always have HPV :o(


I have considered going private for a smear, I may broach the subject with my GP first to see what her views are.


I have not looked in to HPV and diet, I think that is something I need to consider.  I am quite a healthy and active person anyway, but I will do whatever it takes!



Hi ladies, 

I come at this from a different side..I had a clear smear in april 2012 and hpv testing wasnt also done with smears at that time. I had 1b1 cc diagnosis by dec 2014. Im not saying this to scare you but for me I will not rely on testing every three years. I was healthy, exercising, eating right ect. I now think I must have had hpv which was not detected. We all know our own bodies and I think you just need to make sure you get sny bleeding, pain ect checked out. 



I don't think i would be able to wait 3 years it just feels so wrong.

I know quite a few people that have had the LLETZ treatment over the last 10 years and they have been fine after on yearly ones but they did not test for HPV then so my view is they to could also still have had it and it caused them no more problems. My doctor did say it just takes some people longer to brush it off.

I sm hoping to try for a baby this year and I know after you have a baby you have to have a check up smear after birth so if I do fall pregnant I will have that done rather than pay private.


Hi ladies,

Since HPV testing was introduced, the yearly smears stopped and they started using HPV results instead as a means of deciding whether to return ladies to routine screening (called 'test of cure'). BUT if you've had a positive test for HR-HPV after treatment you should go back to colposcopy for a further examination. If the coploscopy looks ok, they can then retun you to normal screening. But Fifik if you've only had a smear, I'd suggest going back to your GP and print out the info from the following link The screening service sometimes gets it wrong (I was once not referred to colposcopy when I should have been) and sometimes GP surgeries are not as clued up as they should be. 

If after everything you are returned to normal screening, then I agree 3 years seems a long time. This is based on studies and it does reflct the fact the vast majority of ladies will have no further problems. There is always the option of paying for a smear, and of course anyone who has any symptoms that they're concerned about should get them checked out. CIN doesn't generally have symptoms and it isn't cancer, and most ladies with HPV or CIN will not go on to develop CC. Being body aware and trying to keep healthy is always a good thing though, in all respects not just with this.

Best of luck.

After years of smear abnormalities and undergoing treatment I've this morning been told that I've got a tumor.  

I've really kept an eye on myself, and looked after myself but in March I began experiencing bleeding during sex.  I made an appointment with my GP straightaway, she did an internal and examination and said that she could see where the bleed came from and it looked like it was due to scarring from the loop diathermy I had had.  However I was referred to Hospital, the Doctor there said from the symptons I had explained we weren't looking at cancer! However she immediately referred for my a colposcopy, and I saw a specialist this morning. A number of biopsies have been taken and I was told that these would be rushed through histology and I will be undergoing an MRI scan next week. Feeling a bit numb right now!, and trying not to think the worst :o(