yearly screening tests?

Hello there, just after some advise really, when I was 18 I had a smear after having my son and had abnormal cells, had a colposcopy and treatment but as I was so young I didn't really ask to much about how bad my abnormal cells were, that was 12 years ago and I am still having smears every year, iv asked them if this is nessesary and it is. I am more than happy to have them every year it's just frightening to think how bad them every year, better to be safe! Just makes me wonder how bad my results were all them years ago to have them this often.

Can any one help on this at all?

Hey Hun, not 100% on this but from what I understand..


If you have abnormal smears, which lead to a colposcopy or treatment then you have annual smears for 10 years, if within the 10 years you have 3 abnormal paps then you get referred back to a colposcopy to have a closer look. It's standard procedure to be having these annual smears due to your previous result. They now test for hpv virus in the uk, and if its negative for that then I think they allow you to go back to regular 3 year screening. I'm high risk HPV positive and iv been told I'd be closely monitored over the next 10 years to keep on top of the changes. CIN 2&3 both require treatment so I'm guessing you had either CIN 2 or 3 But that is today's "rules" may have been different back then. Point is that If your pap is abnormathanks you go for colposcopy & biopsy there's  4 possible results 1-normal 2-CIN1 3-CIN2 3-CIN3 4-CC. If you had treatment then it would have been CIN. This has obviously been treated back when you had your treatment so all they are doing is looking at you more regular which is a good thing :) don't worry at all though. I take it the last few years smears have all been normal? Sorry to ramble on haha xxxx

Hi, I had CIN3 cells removed last year, and they informed me that after my 6 month check-up i was to have another smear (which i have done) and then after that it would be 6 months until my next one (which would be April) if they both came back ok, then i would go to have a smear done every year for the next 5 years and then if they are all fine i can go back to once every 3 years - don't know if that helps you or not :) x