stenosis after lletz. scary incident

Hello its my first time posting here. Im still in shock and abit hazy so please bare

With me. I had lletz 6months ago for cin2/3 then had to have treatment again after as I got an

Infection and bleeding. I hadnt had any sign of a period for 6months then about a few ago

I started getting contraction like pains near my pantyline area. They because so bad 

I went to hospital a few time but was sent away to wait for my gp to arrange an

Ultrasound scan. Anyway the pain was too bad so I could wait and when back to hospital



AAnother doctor examined me and said my uterus felt full and she could see a blood filled cist 


Oon the side of cervix (it was a cist it was loads of blood ready to burst thru)


Sso I sat in the waiting room when I felt a pop and the most huge amount of blood went thru my clothes


Aand onto the floor (terrifying) now ive been distarged after 1 night in hospital with no other treatment.


AApparently it was stenosis caused by the lletz and will heal itself with no treatment. What if it happens again im terrified. 



Kkatrina :) sorry about any spelling mistakes and weird writing on my phone and haven't got the energy to correct it xx


Hi there Katrina

Just seen that no one has posted here and just wanted to offer my support as what a horrible experience you have just been through, no wonder you are scared. I am afriad I cant help with this as I have not heard of anything similar, am hoping one of the other ladies has and will offer some advice soon. Hopefully whatever is it has beensorted out now but if your not sure I urge to you rng the hospital or go back to GP and ask them. You have been through a horrifc ordeal and you are well within your rights to find out why this happened and get assurance it wont happen again.

Big hugs