Starting treatment

Hey ladies, currently sat in waiting area for my markers an CT scan so we can finally get this moving, seems an absolute age since I was diagnosed but only 3 weeks, got my appointments for next 5 weeks for radiotherapy but the lovely man has just informed me I will be in overnight for my chemo, is that normal???

Looking forward to any advice you can give.

Dawn xx


I dont know much on the overnight chemo but i just started mine this week. I have chemo every monday and it is about 7 hours so it is all day then i have radiation to five days a week. So far everything is good. Just wanted to wish u luck and hope all goes well for u. :-)

Thank you so much, u see consultant on Wednesday so I assume he will fill me in on the chemo side then as not had any dates for that, but start radiotherapy on the 12th april.

Good luck with ur journey too xx

I suppose  every  hospital is different mine  did  it on a mon n took most of the  day 

Hi Dawn 

very hospital is different but some people don't realize that there sooo many different types of chemo, the kind that is usually administered with cc initial treatment is not usually an overnight type. 

My chemo day was about 7 hrs. I would start out getting blood work and the lab would process it right away. I would then get an hour of hydration followed by the cisplatin which was an hour, then some potassium and 2 hours more of hydration. Then I would go and get my radiation after. In total it was about 6 hrs but if it was a busy day at the clinic the processing times would be longer. 

Just ask and get some clarification. 

Good luck! 

Bring snacks and a phone charger and possibly a movie on a tablet or a book. In all honesty the day goes faster then you think. So many nice people to chat with, I actually enjoyed my chemo day as I dont very often get a day to sit around with my feet up and relax with the nice warm blankets they give you. Do bring a shall or loose fitting sweater as it does get cold especially your arm. I went to chemo alone every time as I didnt want to have to entertain or chat with anyone I could recline and have a nice nap. 


My chemo day was a Tuesday,and lasted about 5 hours(all being well). I had my bloods done the day before so no hanging about for results. Quick nip in for rads then on my way. There was a long drive there and back so seemed much longer x

Wow! The chance to have your chemo overnight sounds brilliant! Will you be allowed to sleep in a proper bed or do you still get to sit up in the huge vinyl thrones do you know? Chemo was always an exhausting and tedious-boring day at hospital. Being in bed with hand-maidens sounds fabulous!

Be lucky :-)

Thanks ladies, I have been trying to get hold of my keyworker to find out wot is gonna happen as she said it would be a day thing too, unless the CT man has got confused with the braccy. Thanks for the advice on chemo day, I have invested in a huge handbag to take everything with me as it seems the norm to be hanging around, an have told people I don't want company at treatment especially at chemo as it's my time to chill an not have to make small talk, how selfish of me lol xx

Dawn xx

Just spoke to my key worker and she has said it's day sessions for the chemo, an the CT guy must of got confused with the braccy, damn no rest from the kids lol 



My chemo days were long as well. I enjoyed the time alone listening to music and coloring ❤

I have been shopping today and stocked up on a shawl/cape thing, colouring books and pencils, books, spare charger for my treatment bag, an just got snacks an drinks to put in bag, I think I got everything covered expect movies on tablet which I'm gonna get my technical gifted child to sort out as I don't have a clue how to put anything on it.

Thank you so much for the advice ladies it's made it easier to prepare for with ur invaluable advice 

Dawn x

Hi All

i too start my treatment next Monday 10th. Chemo and rads. Feeling very apprehensive!! 

Hope you all do well with your treatment 



September 2014- negative smear

 November 2014- clear hysteroscopy 

February 2017: Biopsy, MRI, CT scans confirmed 2B squamous cell CC No lymph involvement.

Chemo/rads commencing 10th April 2017

Hi Julie

Good luck with ur chemo/rad journey, if u ever want to rant or whinge just give me a shout seems we on the same journey.

Good luck 


Dawn x