Starting Radiotherapy/chemo

Hi Everyone, 

just looking for some support and infomation on treatment, i brought myself to this site and thought it might help me to talk to people that are going through the same thing and diagnosis i havent been able to read much or look into things online as i get myself into a state and worry, ive just been diagnosed with cervical cancer and have a tumour, i saw the oncologist friday and that my treatment is 5 weeks of radiotherapy everyday and chemotherapy once a week, and then at the end if that spending 3 days in hospital to have internal radiotherapy also, this week i should be going to Mount Vernon Hospital to have more scans for the measurements etc to start the treatment. just wondered if anyone else is having this at the moment, have had a few weeks of being terrified but the oncologist made me feel a bit more at ease and made it sound quite straight forward fingers crossed. My mri and ct scan showed that there is no spread and still contained but is quite close to the border and from when i was first examined to my biopsies there was already some changes  which is why surgery isnt the answer in my case as the tumour is bigger. And want to treat me to make sure. He said i will feel tired and a bit under the weather and off food but shouldnt feel really ill which was what i was scared about. Have been terrified but im feeling strong and positive and trying to keep it that way, having my good and bad days, so glad i self reffered myself when i did Im 28 years old with 2 children xxx 


I finished my treatment on may 1st. The treatment is doable. I only had the runs from radation and a little tired. It was better then i thought. Chemo days r all day take some snacks with u. Radiation is about 15 minutes each day, 5 days a week. Wear pull up pants for radiation and u just pull down pants and lay on table for them to line u up and then u get upur radation and then on your way home. Pray all goes well for u. Keep us posted on how treatment goes and how u get the treatmrnt.

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node, restaged to 2b, 5 chemo and 25 radiation, finished may 1st 


I'm starting the Chemo/Rad journey too from Friday. I've had surgery but there was lymph node involvement.

I'm 37 with two children which is hard. I was like you too, I couldn't read the forums until I knew exactly what I needed. Now I'm here I find it really useful and informative. It's really helping me prepare for the next round of treatment.


We've got this! Message me whenever x 



I am 28 finished  my treatment  in March  let people  help  u with  house  work  n the  kids  my bloods was  that  low  at end  of treatment   i was so  shattered struggled  to keep  my  eyes  open  family. N close  friends  helped  with  childcare  n housework  it passes  stay  strong  message  me anytime  xx

Thank you for your message, 

pleased to hear wasnt so bad and mainly just upset tummy, makes me feel a bit more at ease, how have you been since treatment, after these scans and tests tomorrow is that when they stage you before you start treatment? So glad to hear lots of people get through this fine. Trying to stay as strong and positive as possible. Am so terrified  xx


thank you for the message, good luck with your treatment starting friday hope it all goes well, im really nervous for the scans and planning tests tomorrow finally getting my head around it and trying to stay strong and positive. We can do this keep in touch really think it will do me good now talking to someone going through it because i feel a bit alone even though i have great support xx 

Hiya, thank you for the message,

hope your treatment went well and recovering ok, i am trying my best to stay as strong and positive especially for the kids i have a 5 year old and a crazy 15 month old, feeling lucky i have good support around to help me with house and kids will deff take your advise on this. Preparing myself for the tiredness. 

would love the support and chats as im going through this treatment xxx


I'm also due to start treatment soon, exactly the same as yours. Mine starts next Tuesday so just over a week to go. I'm nervous but also strangely excited as it feels like a long time coming and I just want to get started so I can get finished. Wishing you all the best, I'm new here so very open to making friends and chatting xxx


Hey Tania, 

yes i feel totally the same just really want to get going now will feel a bit better when knowing something is being done to get rid. Wishing you all the best too and hope it goes well, keep in touch we could chat and get each other through this testing time, im a newbie too. Feel a bit alone even though have a great support noone knows the feeling. 

Francesca xx 


Glad  u got good  support  to help  with kids n house  dont  b scared  if u need  to ask  people  4 help  i dint  eva  need  to ask my mum  she used to walk in  n start folding my clean  laundry x

Thats brilliant, the help will be needed so much feeling lucky in that sense. Im feeling really scared the waiting seems like forever. X

I no what  u  mean  every  day felt lik  a week  to  me x