Radiotherapy treatment

Hi everyone this is my first time posting. I was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in late march after biopsy I received a phone call from gynaecologist dr who did invite me for face to face appointment though i decided to do it on phone she told me my cancer didn’t look like it was contained to my pelvis so obviously I was worried until I got MRI scan then further Pet scan and went on Thursday past to see the oncologist Consultation who told and my daughter was with me who’s a nurse and it hasn’t spread to anywhere else so I’m happy with that part though because it’s type 3 as it’s spread out to lymph nodes therefore I have been offered 5days a week for 6 to 7 weeks of Radiotherapy . Can anyone please give help as I’m in pain and feeling sick a lot in my treatment isn’t starting until 3 weeks . Is this normal to feel like I am :purple_heart:

I’m having this treatment for six weeks along with six weeks of chemo. The good thing is that you seem to be moving rather quickly. Here in the US it has been horribly slow. I started my journey at the end of January when I had cramping and now finally on May 2 I start chemo. the whole thing stinks.
I’ve learned a couple of things- the radiation side effects on paper and people’s experiences are extremely scary BUT i have also read stories here of people without any lasting side effects of it and that’s really good. In traumatic situations like we’ve been thrown into, our minds naturally gravitate to the worst case scenario because we’ve already been dealt a blow we didn’t expect. Second, be careful where you are reading on here. Opening the door to fear and ruminating on other people’s experiences and side effects aren’t going to help you mentally. These forums are wonderful but just be conscious to filter out things that cause fear. Once you start radiation, then that would maybe be the time to visit those forums for support but doing it beforehand is just going to cause anxiety to fill your mind.
One thing I learned here is that we’re not alone and there are many women who have survived this and done well. My 80 year old aunt had stage 4 cervical cancer back around 1970 and at the time, a radical hysterectomy was the only treatment as they hoped for the best and now she’s still around today without any further issues. Surround yourself with healing stories and positive stories and filter out the negative right now.


Oh - BTW I’ve been in pain as well so I totally get it. It feels like such a violation as I’ve had four children and feel as if Ive been in early labor for the past couple of months. My go to has been 500mg of Ibuprophen around 8 in the morning with food and then I usually don’t need more until around 3 in the afternoon and if I’m in pain by bedtime, I will take 500mg of Tylenol. Sometimes the night is bad - sometimes a heat pack helps. I get nauseous in the morning and I feel like Im retaining water everywhere. I can’t eat too much salt or I get terrible pains all through my abdomen. Its like having the period from hell and I havent had a period in over 10 years. :frowning:
I know this feels long especially when you’re dealing with pain. I even went to the ER at one point because I felt I was bleeding too much and that has finally nearly stopped. My treatment starts on May 2, so Im in the waiting game with you. My onc told me once the treatment starts working, the pain from the mass will lessen.

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience and I agree I can’t fault Our NHS I live in Scotland they have been on top of appointments since learning of cancer . I love the tip of finding forums where positivity . I wish you well and keep positive vibes for you :purple_heart::heart_hands:

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I think it is normal the timeframe as you will need to do a number of blood tests and CT scans for the consultants to put together your treatment plan. I remember I was diagnosed end of July and I started treatment beginning of October.
I know that the expectation is to start as soon as possible but within 2 months it is unlikely your cancer to spread further.

Try to be strong and have patience. I know it is easy said than done but when you start treatment everything it will be straightforward.


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Thank you for being so kind and caring. I start my radiotherapy next week and I am trying to take it one day at time . The way consultants talking you can do most things normally until the stay overnight I don’t know the exact medical term think it’s braccy, sorry if I’m spelling it wrong. I don’t see the point in reading what side effects of others as we are all strong individuals women who’s body’s will work totally different. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.:purple_heart::heart_hands:


Mine starts next week as well. Unfortunately they found some spread when they did the PT scan as opposed to the MRI which apparently wasn’t as accurate. I will need to travel to Philadelphia to the university hospital for the overnight brachias and I have my consult with that doctor on Monday. Are you still in a lot of pain? Mine varies a lot from severe to manageable to almost none at all. I am extremely uncomfortable at night sometimes in my abdomen from bloating - it feels like a period bloat all through my gut. I read someone else on here gained 100 pounds and once treated, it came off mostly as water weight. This is miserable business for sure. I am praying for you!



You should ask to have the pathology report of your tumor & see if it is hormone sensitive. I’m the one who gained and lost so much weight—so crazy—and it turns out I have a rare estrogen receptor positive Adenocarcinoma. On the bright side, there is some evidence that this type has a better prognosis. But it’s important to know if you do so that you avoid contributing to the estrogen circulating in your blood unknowingly. I take DIM & Asprin everyday now which both work against estrogen dominance. Good luck!

I just read on another post of yours that they aren’t sure if it’s uterine or cervical—that’s exactly what my Dr initially wondered at. It really sounds like you have hormonal Adenocarcinoma—uterine cancer stains diffusely positive for estrogen and/or progesterone and Adenocarcinoma stains focally positive. The P16 signature of your tumor will be telling as well—cervical is diffuse p16 and uterine is either negative or weak. They will figure it out but obviously it’s a super important distinction.