Treatment plan

Saw oncologist today and if I recover well from operation to remove abdominal lymph nodes treatment should start August 15th. He said 5 weeks of radiotherapy with chemo once a week then have some internal radiation which sounds awful, he said prepare for pain! I’ve been waiting for treatment to start but now everything is starting feel so scared and anxious again. Is this normal? Thought I could just get on and be strong, i want to fight this and everyone is being so supportive but not feeling very strong now. Anyone have any experience of internal radiation, they didn’t really mention it much as not the first part of treatment said I would get more information near the time.

Hi Laura

it's ok to feel scared and still abit overwhelmed. Try to focus on one thing at a time. Everything will get explained in further detail soon enough. Right now it is important to get yourself prepared for surgery and what you need to have done in order to not have to worry. I'm glad everyone is being so supportive it does make the world of difference.  

I cannot say how the internal radiation will be because I have no personal experience but I have read a few posts about it and am trying to have the best additude about it. I tell myself everyday that "you got this,you can do it" I also have had moments where I've cried and weep but that's ok too. We all need to let it out. It helps. Once I've had my moment I pick myself up and move forward. 

I hope your surgery goes well. 


Hi Laura

I don't think your oncologist should have used the words "prepare for pain". Seems a bit unprofessional to me.

I had high dose internal radiation which seems to be uncommon on this forum as the majority of ladies have the lower dose which takes a long time to administer. I'm sure they will help you out here. Mine wasn't half as bad as it sounds. Once they set me up the actual treatment only took 6 minutes. Sure the whole process is uncomfortable but it wasn't painful as such. I hope you get your mind put at rest soon. 

I think breaking things down in to blocks really helps. First, focus on your surgery then recovery. Then focus on the external radiation and chemo. The internal radiation is right at the end of the list and by then you'll just think bring it on as you will be that close to finishing treatment. 

You will do it.

Cara xxxx


I absolutely cannot believe that the oncologist said prepare for pain. What an unkind thing to say.

I did a post about mine back in February, please take a read of mine and any other posts about brachytherapy that you can find. The majority say how much easier it was than they thought it would be.

I don't remember mine hurting at all. I would say it was uncomfortable on the bladder but not painful.

I'm fuming yo be honest. We are going through enough and we don't need people - especially professionals saying stupid things like that.

Please rest assured that your body is going to be able to take anything that is thrown at you and you're going to come out smiling x 

Thanks ladies feel a bit better now, this forum has been such a lifeline and managed to read the big folder I was given yesterday which explained things more simply. Oncologist said he explained the pain so i mentally prepare myself but when he left the radiogher did say he has to explain the worst-case scenario and not really that bad but the words have stuck! Will read you post philleepa and think your right Cara got to focus on operation first got pre op today then this time next week I will start the journey in beating this. Thanks lolli hope your treatment going OK x

Hi Laura :-)

I have always wondered why so many people have this tremendous fear of brachytherapy above every other kind of therapy, but with consultants coming out with crap like that it's hardly surprising! There are at least two really nice reassuring posts about brachytherapy on here, one by Philleepa and one much more recent, see if you can find it.

Cara! You are the ONLY person I have ever met on this forum who had the same brachy as me :-)

Be lucky :-)


They must not have wanted the pleasure of our company for that long in hospital haha ;) xxx

;-) Ha-ha indeed! :-)