Hello everyone!

I am new hear. I have been diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer with lymph node involvement. I am due to start my chemoradiation next week and I’m feeling very nervous about it! Has anyone got any advice on what to expect/how you felt/side effects from the treatment - is it really bad?

Arghh this is horrible! I’m also struggling to come to terms with my infertility I don’t have any Children. My only chance is frozen embryos and surrogacy :frowning:

Hi Gemma. 

I know exactly where you are coming from.  I'm on my second weekof chemoradiation with chemo on a Wednesday.  

I felt and still do feel nervous about what's ahead. From whatI can gather,  you don't know until it's happening. 

I started a thread called finally started treatment and I'm trying to update it every day.  Quote often I do it a few times a day simply because I'm obsessed! !! Actually it's really good therapy. 

I was so unsure before I started so I thought this thread night help others see what has happened to me day by day.

So far it's been fine. I'm expecting symptoms to kick in sometime this week as most people have said it happens in the second week. 

I'm struggling more emotionally than physically. I'm bored, can't concentrate on reading, crafting or anything and I start thinking what if.........

I need to kick myself into touch but the couch and daytime tv are appealing.

In the run up to my treatment I filled the cupboards with all stuff that was recommended for if the dihorrea steps in. So lots of tinned soups, macaroni cheese etc. Anything quick and easy x 

Keep us updated 

Hi Philleepa,

thank you for replying.. It really helps chatting to other people in a similar situation. Thanks for the advice. I too find it hard emotionally and struggle to motivate myself to get out of the house. I always think what if aswell. It's hard to be positive, I always think the worst!

Has anyone told you if the treatment is working yet? Or do they just tell you at the end of treatment? It's the waiting that's the worst... I just want to start the treatment so I can start fighting back! Hope your ok I will check out your thread 


The people on here and also a facebook page are the only people I can talk to about this. Whatever anyone says seems to be wrong even though I know they mean well. 

I feel on here you have advice and experience from people who have actually been through what you are going through and you don't get those pitying looks. Maybe that's just my imagination though.

No one says anything about the treatment   I think I have a scan on 18th jam but I don't know when they will discuss the outcome of that with me. I'm just living for the moment the Dr says I have the all clear  (I'm trying to convince myself and just hope it comes true). 

This whole thing has been a nightmare.  Not physically at all. Not yet anyway, but emotionally it is a real struggle.  I'm started to be very annoyed with my GPS because I do feel that they should have suspected something a lot sooner (I have been going on and off with different symptoms for at least 18 months but only recently realised how they relate to cc).

To make matters worse,  I dropped off a claims form for travel insurance  (we were supposed to go to Amsterdam for new year) and my pip claim on 22nd December and they still haven't done them for me. 

I'm definitely going to seek advice if I can take this further once my treatment has ended. 

Sorry that turned into a rant x 

Hi ladies, its Me lol!

im on the iPad so excuse funny spelling and missing words! 

I have advanced cc and I was and still am scared I cried myself to sleep many nights I planned my funeral, I brought books to write goodbye notes to family and friends I thought about who would have what and what would happen with my cats etc I've done it all. You will too it's normal it's the hardest lonleyist thing I have ever gone through. I got better once I began my chemo even though I was so poorly and the blood tests eugh! I think I had a scan part way through my chemo near the end I believe (my brain is mush now lol) and I was told the chemo was working at my review before I booked my next chemo.

when I began radio I had a water infection (I didn't know I thought it was the radio causing the pain) which eventually turned into a full blown infection as it was untreated for 3 months, anyway because when I am ill I lose my appetite and because I was so skinny from or being able eat and being sick with the chemo I went to skin and bone. I was that bad I could not walk - I really could not walk I would cry every day trying to walk down the corridor to radio. One day my mother came with me and demanded to see the doctor. Luckily my doctor is so nice she saw me, she was so concerned she told me she believed the treatment had stopped working and cancelled my treatment. I went for a scan which showed my cancer had gone from being huge to the size of a pea....I then had my remaining treatment. I am now back at work and appart from the side effects I'm ok....I'm not 100% as this will take months but I'm getting there.

i find out this month or next where I stand :-).

so what I am trying to say is although this is hard and it gets harder sorry - if I have managed to kick my cancer into touch why can't you pair beat yours??? I found having something to live for (horrible to say) helped me....what was my thing? My beautiful nieces. Every time it got hard I would think of them and pulled up my socks and started fighting harder. I gave up once I refused to go any further but went to my chemo as i was begged to. I sat there and (I never spoke to other patients) sooke  the ladie next to me - she had cervical cancer and beat it it then came back but this time it was terminal. I don't cry over things it takes a lot but when I got outside I broke down and I mean broke down. This ladie was having chemo to prolong her life she was so scared and didn't want to die but she knew there was no other option. I cried for her, for me and for everyone else in this position....I couldn't stop crying all night. The next day when I finally fell asleep I thought about this lady and I still do now 5  later and I suppose I use her as my inspiration - in a way I am fighting a battle that she is losing for both of us.

I also found writing down my feeling and worries helped I would read them back then throw it away, now I help or try to help ladies like yourselves. I still get down as I suffer with depression, but I think where I am and how far I have come - I habe lerang just how strong I am - this bastard really tests you!! But I'm winning the battle! Just taking about stuff really helps too writing on here and having support from fellow sufferers. I went my nans the other night and just having a moan and talking about crAp really helped me. I suffer with anxiety and it's been really bad especially at night as I always occupy myself in the day and having that moan helped me

Any questions give me a shout!

sorry for the essay!! Xx 

Hi Carmel121 I am so sorry to hear about your situation but really please to hear you kicked its ass and your wining the battle. I got my MRI results yesterday they think it has gone into my Bowel i go into hospital next Tuesday for further tests. You had advanced CC can i ask where yours spread to? Your story gives me hope I was so positive about my situation until yesterday I didnt expect those results. I was suppose to have a hysterectomy but now they are not doing Surgery I will start Chemo & Rad in 2 weeks time. This site and macmillans has been great for support and strength you realise your not the only one going through these difficulties. I would appreciate any advice you could give me. I will be thinking about you and wishing you a full recovery not just with your Cancer but your anxiety & Depression. xxxx


Hi Gemma I am sorry to hear about your situation my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry I dont have answers for you but i know other people are going through the same as you. Have your consultants discussed options with you? I see from your post the 2 options I am not an expert but there is also adoption and fostering. Gemma I wish you all the best you have big discisions to make. With regards to starting your treatment if you read some of the other posts you will be encouraged about how well everyone get throught it. I start my treatment in 2 weeks so you will be a week ahead of me so I hope we can encourage each other to get through it. Stay in touch I will be thinking about you and wishing you all the best.  xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey sweetie, thank you. It's nice that I can give other people hope :-)

my cancer spread to I think a single lympth node, my kidney tubes and as it was so large it was pressing on my bladder which caused a hole to form. I have had to have stents in my kidney which are plastic tubes that sit in my bladder and go into my kidneys - that's surgery hurt - a lot!!! Due to this I have a lot of water infections! I am incontinent due to the hole in my bladder although it's getting stronger and I just occasionally leak and I am able to go the loo as my brain is now told my bladder is full (yay!) it's just at night my bladder empties when I am asleep. I will be having an op for this once I know what's happening with the cancer.

 Nothing has been mentioned to me re surgery either but if it's an option I'm having everything out....I can't go through this again. Although I had a rough time I've come out the other side so you don't need feel sorry for me cancer picked the wrong person lol!

my advise would be:

* rest - you will be incredibly tired it's horrible vile even - I would sleep 18 hours a day and would still be tired

* don't eat your favourite food as your taste changes through chemo I had a horrible taste constantly and mouth ulcers which are common - I couldn't eat or drink dairy either it made me really sick (I'm fine now)

* sickness - take you tablets! If your being sick call the hospital or the district nurse they will come out and give you an injection they work but bloody hurt have it in your bum! I lost so much weight as I couldn't keep anything down and was hospitalised 4 times cus of it

* eat as much as you can when you can as some days you won't want to and this is when you will lose weight - it's natural to loose some. I went down to 6st and was skin and bone I'm still tiny now and a size 6 (I was a 12 before I started)

* have someone help you with shopping, bills and cleaning etc as you may not  the energy, have another person take you to appointments as you will have loads! They like seeing you :-)

* relax! Plan for the future! Plan a holiday or day out for a few months after your treatment has finished (book when your better)

* it's ok to cry and scream and feel down for a day then do all you can to pick yourself up as you need determination to get you through

* have you time and tell your friends and family not to treat you any differently - I did this and it really helped. I also only told a few people and asked that it wasn't made public not because I was embarrassed but because I didn't want sympathy.

* if you have a good day do something you enjoy! Get out the house

* I found o enjoyed strong or sweet tasting food better when I had a horrible taste in my mouth - I was also addicted to ice lollies!

* you can apply for a benifit called PIP - doesn't matter if your employed as I am - it's to help with costings whilst poorly, if your on a low income or are being paid sick pay you can get help with your rent speak to your local council

i ant think of anything else.

if you have questions come on here not Google. Remember your not alone no matter how lonley you feel xx

Hello Ladies,

I am quiete new on this site and am struggling to come to terms that my mom has cc. she was diagnosed with SIII last year Jan and did the radiation therapy as she couldnt do the chemo because of her kidneys were not well. December she started to have a rectal bleeding, blood would just gush out of her and i took her back to hospital. Tests were done and it was discovered that her pelvic area was also affected and now she has to do chemo as the radiation didnt work on its own.


Yesterday she did all the tests to see if her kidneys are fine and if she will be fit to go through for chemo. I am very scared, i just have this fear of unkown. Yesterday evening we were chatting and she told me that everytime that she hears that a person died she cries as she is also worried and scared.

Being scared is normal I am scared of what my results are going to be as I have advanced CC I've only got a 5% chance of completely beating this. But there is that chance and I'm clinging to it. It's the worst thing in the world to deal with and it's always on your mind.

She will change for a short period of time whilst going through the treatment as it may make her bad but it's giving her a chance at beating this. Once she has her 1st scan after starting treatment and they say it's working it's the best feeling in the world it takes a huge weight off your shoulders, you just have to hang in there xx

Hi Carmel121 Thankyou so much for this advice it is really helpful because i havent been taking alot in my memory is awful. I think once i get my tests over with i will at least know for sure what I am dealing with. Like you I get really tired and i havent started treatment yet my symptoms are due to blood loss  i am on 3 Iron tablets a day. Once the treatment starts and tumour gets smaller i hope i wont bleed so much and my energy levels will improve. I hope you get the problem with your Bladder sorted soon when you feel well enough its amazing what the doctors can do. Can i ask how your employers have been about your absence and how long you have been off? I have been off nearly 4 months following several Haemorraghes and havent even started my treatment yet. I had a meeting with HR on 13th Jan they said if i was not back in 6 months they could terminate my contract. I will be thinking about you and  wishing you all the very Best keep in touch lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Vk I am so sorry to hear you are going through a very anxious time with your mum. When you find out you have Cancer it is Frightening we have all experienced it have you suggested to your mum to join this site she will get lots of support? Our kidneys are really important when we are having Chemo like your mum I have whats called a Duplex Kidney on my  right side so when i go for an MRI or CT scan i dont have the Radioactive substances other people have because they want my Kidneys to be in Tip Top shape for Chemo. I hope your mums results come back normal for her Kidneys so she can have her treatment but the doctors will come up with an alternative. VK keep  using this site for support and ask asmany questions you need to we are all here for you & your mum. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carmel, u r so strong & tough...i salute u...


We can do it :) I am on week 4 of treatment now. Feeling sick, bowels have turned yucky and it stings when I wee and Im sooo tired. The end is in sight now!

thinking of you all and sending lots of love xxx

Hi Gemma i am so sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it you are nearly there. I hope you start to feel better soon and get your strenght back.  I havent started my treatment yet it seems like forever since i was diagnosed on the 18th December I think i am getting closer as i have a Pet scan tomorrow and meeting with Consultant on Friday. Thankyou for sharing your story with us it is really helpful for those of us starting treatment. Sending you hugs Gemma xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi kumagill,  I've been wondering how you are getting on. Still not started treatment - it feels like forever.

Keep us all informed won't you.

I feel like we are all a group of friends on here now x 

Hi Philleepa thanks for thinking about me its been a nightmare waiting everyone else diagnosed at the same time have started their treatment. I am begining to think I am in the wrong county as i had a Pet scan today in the back of a van and the Oncology consultant comes to our hospital once a week lol How are you doing? when do you Have your Braccy? I feel like we are all friends too when people are sick or frightenend you just want them to get well and when they get good news i feel like doing a Handstand LOl let me know how you get on lots of love xxxxxx

Hi Gemma How are you? I have been thinking about you and hope you are not feeling as sick as you were if you are try and rest as much as you can hun. I am sending you lots of love & hugs at this difficult time xxxxxxxxxx

Hey Kumagill,

im feeling better thank you. I have got some different anti sickness tabs which seem to be doing the trick. Been resting today as it's chemo day tomorrow bleerghh!

hopefully your treatment will start soon... Waiting is the worst. Sending you love xxx

Sorry  only just seen this. 

I had an mri scan a few years ago in the back of one of those vans!!! In a car park in Rochdale! 

Gawd,  I bet you're fed up waiting.  You always seem very positive though. 

I lovegood news and now I have such empathy for people.  I actually cry at  virtually everything now.