Starting treatment this week

I'm so scared. First radiotherapy on Wednesday and first chemo on Thursday. 

I'm hoping my anxiety will ease a bit once I get started but I'm worried about the side effects as well. 

Managing to keep it together during the day but evenings and bed times are the worst. I just don't know how I'm going to get through the next few weeks.

Hey lovely, 

just wanted to say hope everything goes well, once you get started I'm sure you will feel much better, it's empowering to know that you are well and truly kicking cancers arse. 
The nurses are there to help You with any side effects you may have just don't be afraid to tell them, there are a multitude of drugs to help with the chemo. 
much love to you and be for you know it you'll be done with treatmemt.

much love, emma xxx 

Lucy you will soon be on your way to beating this horrible disease. To be honest I found the long chemo day quite relaxing as life was always so busy. I chose a series on Netflix that I really wanted to see but never got the time and I chose to only watch it on my chemo day. I started to look forward to my Netflix binge watching every Wednesday in my super comfy dressing gown that I brought with me (I wore it over my own clothes :)

I found all the staff to be really suportive and attentive. If I told them my skin was sore from radiation, they gave me a gel for that, they changed my anti nausea meds as soon as I told them I was still feeling quite nauseous, they gave me a large box of loperemide as soon as I told them I was suffering from diahorrea ........well you get my drift. It's obviously not all sunshine and flowers. They couldn't find a vein on my 1st chemo day and had to fit a PICC line ( device under the skin that gets left in place until the end of treatment). I really didn't want it done but to be honest, it made chemo day easier as the iv line was already in place. Just be prepared that sometimes you are not going to have a perfect day! There may be unexpected delays, broken down machines, blood levels not high enough for chemo, bladder too full, bladder not full enough..... Try not to stress to much. The staff will do everything they can to make the whole experience go as smoothly as possible. Very best of luck with your treatment. We are here for you if you have any questions. 

x Maria

Hi Lucy

I have my second chemo tomorrow, so completely understand how you feel as I was the same 3 weeks ago.

The actual day is a lot better than the scenario you play over in your head. Take food as I didn't take much as was so worried about being sick, but I was starving and the cafe was shut due to covid.The day goes really quick, but take some books, programmes to keep you occupied. Also if you can take a heated blanket.

Side effects wise, I was constipated, tired and insomnia at the same time, so sleeping by 10pm then wide awake at 3am. I also had pains I'm my legs for 2 days, one really tired day which was the Friday then had really bad depression for 3 days.

That may sound a lot but it was really manageable. The staff are amazing if you have any questions or problems they can help you.

Just think the quicker you get started the quicker you can finish.