Hi all,

I have my chemo meeting on the 13th ahead of treatment starting on the 20th.  Can anyone tell me what to expect at this meeting?
Do I need someone with me or will I be ok my own? I went alone to my radiotherapy one.

Also, those who have been through it - did you have someone with you each chemo session or go alone? Were you able to drive yourself to rad appointments? My hospital is a bit of a trek with current roadworks so trying to plan if I need to enlist help.  I know everyone is different, ust keen to hear other people's experiences.

Thanks x

Hiya Hun my sister come with me for my meeting and then for my radio only to keep me company in waiting room as for the chemo my sister inlaw took me as you can not drive after it as you might feel light headed so best to be safe my treatment was fine felt a little sick after chemo but thay give you anti sickness tabs to help and thay do as for radio felt tiered but have 9 month old and 3 kids who kept me busy good luck with your treatment xx

Thanks for your reply!

How did you manage with your children and your treatment? I have a very active toddler. Ok I will get someone to take me for chemo, do visitors tend to stay?

Thank you x

I have someone with me all the time when I go for my treatment as my chemo sessions are all day - the 1st session was from 9am to 8pm! And it has only just come down to 4pm and I'm on my sixth session next week. They don't mind you having someone with you they actually have a spare seat for someone although only 1 person is allowed at a time we'll at my hospital anyway.

Hi Sweet pea,

I just wanted to butt in here to let you know that Carmel is on a completely different chemo regime from you and that her experiences are way, way beyond what yours will turn out to be so please don't be frightened by what she tells you.

Chemo rads are really not all that bad as long as you rest yourself whenever your body suggests that might be a good idea and you take your anti-sickness pills as provided without waiting to feel sick first.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Sweet pea

I had chemo/rads and braccy for stage 2b with lymh node involvement.


When I went to the chemo meeting it was just a chat about the ins and outs of the treatment, nurse talked me through what to expect on the day, possible side effects etc. I had swabs taken (MRSA) and a blood test and that was it!! Pretty painless!! Mine was a little bit rushed as I had hubby and son in waiting room, but you should also get taken to the 'chemo suite' for a look around.


I had somebody with me on all but one of my chemo sessions. It is a long day and having someone there to chat with can make the day go quicker! On the one day I was alone I slept a lot of it as it was week 3 and I was starting to tire!!

Luckily my husband works from home so he was there to take me to each radiotherapy session. I did not suffer too badly with side effects, the chemo caused a bit of sickness and had a touch of diarrhoea and cystitis from the radiotherapy. Nothing I couldnt cope with.

I had my first post treatment MRI last week and had my letter yesterday to confirm that no cancer was present. The treatment does work and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. It is so scary, not knowing what to expect, but you will get through it. xxx