Stalking the postman #waitinggame

The waiting is the hardest I am like a stalker when the post man arrives to check if my results are in. How long did everyone wait for? Did anyone call to see if they were back yet?

the waiting is absolutely awful, I was exactly the same so know how your feeling (big hugs) my results letter came after 3 an half weeks xx

Hi Hayles

My results took 6 weeks. How long did they advise you they would take? If you're worried you could try calling them although they're a bit funny about giving them out over the phone. Sometimes they call you or send a text for you to call them back rather than a letter.


Thanks ladies it has only been a week and 1 day and advised up to 4 weeks. I go abroad in 2 weeks and hoping to have before so I don't have have this in the back of my head. I have been much more positive and shelved it most of the time but just want to know now!xx

I had my LLETZ a week and a day ago too, they told me there is a backlog at the lab where I live (Manchester) so would be 4-6 weeks. The waiting is the worst, my smear took 4 weeks so I’m guessing my results will be the same.

Did you have to wait a while for your smear result?


Oh it is really hard and try not to think about it to much but I do! Yes mine took 4 weeks also  I might call at the end of the week. Hope yours come quicker than they said xx

They told me 4 weeks but i rang the hospital 14 days after LLETZ and my results were in. They wouldnt give results over the phone but let me pick them up that day from the hospital. I had cin 2 xx

Oh that's good to hear thank you I will certainly call on Monday next week if I haven't heard anything xx

I rang hospital 3 weeks after and got them to tell me over the phone, still haven't even recieved a letter 6 weeks on. Useless xx

I'm the same I want them to come quickly but then I'm thinking no news is good news so don't want them if you know what I mean. 

I hate the not knowing though. .........


It was only 8 days from smear to results letter so maybe my letter will arrive this week 

Waiting is awful!! I had separate biopsy the lletz 3 weeks later, results from biopsy back pretty quickly so I'm going on the old proviso that no news is good news. I do just want to know now though!! Hope you get results soon x

Oh I hear you I'm also stalking my postman but when he comes I'm scared to check. I'm almost at 4 weeks I'm going to give them a ring soon this is like torture. I hope everyone receives theirs soon xx

Hello Hayles1548,

The waiting time is absolutely awful, I am going through the same as you. I was told after my punch biopsy, to give 4 weeks for the results. I would suggest chasing it after 1-2 weeks though, ring the hospital and ask to speak to your consultants secretary and they should hopefully be able to help.

I have called about my results and they are not back and she said my consultant is on holiday till Monday! (Tomorrow.)

I can't wait much longer.

i hope your results come back all fine with nothing to worry about, fingers crossed.

Melissa xxx