Staging results tomorrow!

Hi girls!

Adenocarcinoma diagnosed with loop biopsy following 12 month recall routine smear

Had a Staging CT and MRI … MDT discussion tomorrow and I’m expecting a phone call after to give me more info, staging, treatment plan

I’m so nervous! Any idea what to expect?

Hi @amaayrachel

I had to in to see my consultant for every discussion and all results, so I don’t have experience of receiving the information by phone. I’d suggest having a pen and paper with you to note down the main points of the discussion as it’s very easy to miss or not absorb information. x

Hi, thanks for your reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The specialist nurse said she would ring me and give me an update but all in depth discussions will happen at my appt with the consultant on Tuesday!

Fingers crossed I get a curative treatment plan


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Fingers firmly crossed for you.
I get mine wednesday and im scared to.

Lots of hugs x

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Good luck to you both hope you get good results


Thank you Liggy…How are you doing ???

Stage 1B! I’ve sobbed with happiness


Thats absolutely brilliant news. I am thrilled for you xxx

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Congrats that’s awesome news
So pleased for you

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Hi wjg
I’m ok abit nervous about Wednesday getting treatment plan but also can’t wait to get started so hopefully it will all be done for Christmas
How about you ?

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Im pretty much the same as you. My MDT meeting is weds morning and im told i will get meeting with consultant for treatment plan weds afternoon or thursday morning.

Fingers crossed for us both Weds. Xxx

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Yes, will let you know how it goes
And you keep me posted how you get


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Good luck girls for Wednesday, got everything crossed for you!! :heart::heart:

Thank you both and yes lets keep in touch and support each other as much as we can through our various treatments.

I am Wendy by the way xxx

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Just had my results of the nurse although my case is not going to mdt until tomorrow. Im staged at 1B with no sign of lymph node involvement…so relieved its not worse .


Thats great news so happy for you
Just need treatment plan now

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Thank you Liggy… that should be tomorrow morning aparently.

All the very best for your appointment tomorrow…xxx

Thankyou and you. Hopefully we both will know abit more tomorrow

Decision from mdt meeting for my treatment is a hysterectomy. Appointment next weds with consultant so i dont have all the full details yet.


That good hopefully get a date and more info next week

I’m 2b so radiotherapy and chemotherapy but found out today they would like me to go on a clinical trial find out next week if excepted