Weds 16th is Results Day!

Hi All,

I was told on August 21st that cervical cancer cells had been found after my LLETZ procedure (my biopsies had only shown CIN2 and 3). I was told that it was possible Stage 1 A 2. The week after diagnosis I had a pelvic MRI and my case was discussed by the MDT Weds just gone (9th) . There was a delay with me being discussed by the MDT as the referring hospital "forgot" to send my histology results to the hospital who will do all my treatment. Yesterday I was finally told i have an appointment at next Wednesday's clinic for the results of MRI and to be advised of the proposed treatment plan.

This first week after being told I went into total meltdown but then gradually calmed down and started to think more rationally. However now i know that I will know the full picture next weds has made me really nervous again! Any tips, advice or anyone else with a results day next week? 



Hi Kelly 

I know how you are feeling I was told 3weeks ago that I have cc stage 1b I've had my MRI & CT and my results appointment is on Monday 12th! I feel sick I can't think of anything else although the ladies on here do say once you have your results and a Plan to work with it gets better! Im sitting outside my work and dont even want to get out my car it's like I just want to shut myself away! I hate this! 

I wish you lots of luck with your results 

be strong love & hugs 

Nicola x

Thanks for replying Nicola. You are like me i guess - convince yourself of worst case scenario when the reality is it can be easily treated. It has took over my life however...even on my positive day, I still have a dark cloud lingering. i just want to get in now and sorted!

Is your appointment October 12th? 


Hi Kelly and Nicola!

I have been in the same situation as the 2 of you and still am to a degree, but now I at least have my test results and a date for my trachelectomy.

I was very affected by the waiting time as I had a couple of months of uncertainty and it was more than enough time to think of all the worst case scenarios.. Try to look at the bright side: it sounds very likely that they caught it early and it is very curable..

I know that before you've heard the results of your MRIs etc you can't help but think of the what ifs but please try to distract yourselves with other things, go and meet some friends, do some shopping or watch a movie.. I have now decided that giving a summer to negative thoughts and fears was more than enough and am commited to not let this take over my life, however hard it sounds you can do it and we are strong enough to get through anything!!

Take care and good luck with your results, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

xxx Anna

Hi kelly,

Sorry my appointment is this Monday that's the 14th not the 12th! My brain just isn't with it!!! I'm so Sick of feeling sorry for myself and without sounding like a drama queen I feel like the rest of my life all depends on my results Monday! Part of me just wants to deal with this now but then the other part of me really wants to hold off as in four weeks time we are meant to be off to Las Vegas to get married but right now I'm not sure if we can even still go! Aaaahhhh it's all just such a mess!! Do you find that your mind never stops kelly? My head is just buzzing with all kinds of things, mainly about my kids, my daughter is 18 & my son is 14, the thought of telling them breaks my heart!! 

Love Nicola xx

Thank you Anna! 

Can I ask how Long you will be waiting between getting your results and having your op? 

My results are this Monday and 4weeks On Monday we are meant to be off to Las Vegas to get married!  I'm desperate to know if any op or treatment will be able to wait 6wks till we get back or if everything will have to be cancelled!! 


nicola xx

Nicola i know exactly how you feel. Its taken over my life and i am so angry. I just want to go to my appointment on weds and be told that they can sort it. I am pretty certain my life will never be the same however. I have 2 children - a boy aged 9 and a girl aged 5. I am getting divorced from their Dad and he has very little contact with them (his choice) so I am pretty much all they have. I go through times of feeling absolutely defeated and then i feel strong and determined to beat this for my children's sake.

Good Luck for Monday! I will be thinking of you xxxx

Thanks for your post Anna. The waiting is horrendous. I just want to get on with it. Good luck with your op xx

I was diagnosed in the middle of July, had last tests done the 5th of August, was waiting to see the consultant to confirm the results until the 27th of August and my op date is October 2nd. I was told I could wait a bit longer to have surgery but the consultant doing it is not available on the later date. So they were in no rush with me, I'm not sure how I feel about it-in a way I want it done asap. I do think they will tell you that it's not a problem to wait, but of course it all depends on how they see your situation.. Hope your appointment goes as you wish on Monday!

Thank you, I know exactly how you feel, keep strong and try to stay positive for your kids!!

xx Anna

Thank you Anna! All the very best for your op in October x

Good Luck tomorrow Nicola! Hoping for positive results for you and that any treatment fits in with your plans xxxxxx

Hi Kelly, Hi Nicola :-)

Well it's your big day today Nicola so good luck!

It's really difficult taking your mind off getting results, really really hard. My only suggestion (Kelly, 'cause I'm too late for Nicola) is to plonk yourself in front of the TV and watch the most exciting thriller you can find. It doesn't seem to work with books 'cause you can put them down!

Be lucky :-)

Best of luck today Nicola. Most people will agree waiting for those initial results is the hardest part. 

Getting engrossed in a film/tv series helped me Relax. I had my op 2 months ago, it all feels like a whirlwind now. I locked myself away at the time I was waiting for results to find out whether I'd need surgery (one of the challenges of being in a house share) on reflection, would have dealt with the waiting much better if I'd made time for friends, chats and going out, or even used this site. Internet did freak me out but the consultant was very good at keeping me grounded - always factual and always positive. There are so many positive stories and medically they can manage this so well. if it's hard to chat with friends or family this is definitely the place to share the highs and lows during this journey.