Rescheduled 😩

Hi ladies,

Absolutely gutted but may be a bit relieved too. So 4 weeks ago was told I had CC. Was believed to be stage 2a1 with LVSI. The waiting for scans etc and over Christmas was miserable and as we all know, the waiting is the worst. I did have my PET scan on the 28th Dec and my MDT team was due to discuss my case yesterday and my appointment was scheduled for today with my consultant to discuss staging and treatment plan. I got a call yesterday to say they were reschedule my appointment to next Thursday. I literally thought i was going to be sick. On the positive side, my liaison nurse (who happens to be a friend of our in laws family) called me after and told me she was at the MDT meeting and the radiologist didnt show up so they couldnt discuss fully. She did however say that surgery was mentioned for me but she cant be sure. Am i right to take this as a good sign if surgery is being considered? Ive had myself so worked up thinking i would be going to meet the consultant and that he would say its stage 4. Sorry for the long ramble!!

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The waiting is horrid isn’t it. I am so very sorry for what you are going through. I still remember this stage myself and cannot say it was a cake walk.

Like you my radiologist didn’t turn up (twice!) to the MDT meeting. Originally told due to NHS strikes but my McMillan Nurse told me that they only had one radiologist and his case load was 30 plus cases so worked them in priority order!?! Apparently, until they had my PET and MRI he wouldn’t consider my case.

I think they discuss both surgery and chemorads at the MDT but until the radiologist gives their opinion they cannot confirm treatment/staging

Will keep my fingers crossed for you this Thursday for you!


Thanks Peachy, its just crazy that they are so understaffed and just not show up. Im only getting my MRI today actually and the next MDT is tomorrow so i dont even think they will have the results across from the Mri in time but my nurse did say they would go ahead with MDT with using just my PET scan results. I hope thats the case. Hope you are doing well xx

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