Waiting for staging results

Hi ya,
New to this so please bear with me.
Last year had abnormal smear test, had to withhold further investigations due to being pregnant. Now have a gorgeous 4 month old little girl. Had a Leetzs late October, no clear magains and the precancerous cells were Infact cancerous.
Consultant is expecting stage 1B1. Had CT scan and MRI scan and now waiting for the MDT meeting which is this Thursday to find out for sure what the stage is, and the plan going forward.
Am so worried

Hi I’m in the same position got the call Monday to say the after loop the cells were cancer had mri and chest X-ray yesterday my meeting is not till 9 th January as they only meet on a Monday and the next 2 are bank holidays so now just got to wait no one has mentioned possible stage to me yet .
Just waiting game now and trying not to over think.

Ah bless you, I did ring up a few days after my CT scan and that’s when they said as far as they can tell so far that’s it’s stage 1b and just in the cervix, but they won’t tell me for definite until they have reviewed everything. So fingers crossed that later this week I get the confirmation. Then hoping to have a hysterectomy and be cancer free. Have you got numbers for your hospitals cancer nurses? I have phoned them a few times, as I’m sure like everyone else, it’s the waiting and not knowing which is causing most anxiety at the moment xx


Do you mind me asking how long you waited for an MRI to confirm everything, I have been for biopsies and awaiting results but gynae is certain the mass is cancerous and has referred me for an urgent MRI, I think the waiting is the hardest part, I struggle to sleep and eat.

Sorry to hear that. The biopsy results took about 3 weeks, but then soon as it was confirmed the cells were cancerous the other scans were organised really quick. Within 10 days I had seen my consultant, had a CT scan and a MRI. Should receive a call tomorrow with all the results and a plan moving forward x

I did call the nurse yesterday she wouldn’t confirm stage but did say that from what she had in front of her it was totally treatable and did say if mdt decided on operation it would be at another hospital.
They have been quite cagey with what they say all the way through. She also said they will call straight after the n meeting to let me know as I’m nearly at 8 weeks from the initial call

To be honest I was surprised just how much they told me over the phone, due to confidentiality and stuff. But I’m so glad she did because I can cope better once I know what I’m facing

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