staged 2b awaiting treatment plan

I there i was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer in april after colosocopy, could see the thing on my cervix clearly my god was i in bits!!!so far iv had eua,biopsies,pocked prodded in both holes as perem seems involved ,had mri which confirmed originally staging and pet which they were happy that it hasnt spread further in last few weeks awaiting ct tomorrow to get tattoos markers?!just been reading how to fill bladder and self mini enema which have to learn to do before my zaps zaps…will be facing chemo and radiotherapy 5 weeks and also 3 bracy>> :confused: sort had sit back APPROACH and read other ladies posts to help me get an idea what to expect although i was in a mess and feared the worse my head is getting around it a little now i think and its the fear of the unknown and suffering anxiety worst, ALSO JUGGLING KIDS and the dilators they given me …wth???SO THIS IS MY FIRST EVER POST :open_mouth: seem to be urgent has had probs with bleeding for months after been fobbed off by drs down to hormones or coming off pill and stress etc,had a recent stay in city not best experience, ITS SCARY PLACE TO BE


Just sending you a massive huuuuugxx

Oh Belle I am so sorry to read this. Four-and-a-half years ago I was in exactly your shoes (except for the kids) Here's my story if you want to read it.
But yes, every test under the sun, in a strange city a long way from family and friends.

The good news is that this is very curable and the treatment is very manageable. You are in a very scary place right now but it does get a whole lot better than this I promise you.


Be lucky :-)

:) thankyou so much for commenting its definetly scary place to be an felt soo alone was a wreck at ct scan veins didnt want cooperate so now look like human dartboard...:( do you have any tips or advice as iv read on here a few tips for side effects..just trying to prepare myself best i can if makes sense xx

cj xx

Drink liquid aloe vera, not the cheap juice but the pure thing. I think I took a tablespoon every morning in a glass of apple juice. Some people recommend an aqueous moisturising cream for your abdomen but I never used it and had no problems with my skin (except that my shingles was constantly being triggered). Make sure you take your anti-nausea pills for the chemo and sleep whenever you feel floppy. You may find that you also need to adapt to a low roughage diet but I suggest you play that one by ear.


Be lucky :-)

Hi. Sorry that you've had to join us. This is a fantastic,  supportive forum and I have no idea where I'd be in the past few months without it.

Tips for treatment. ... stay hydrated, especially if you have uncooperative veins. Once you are on your treatment plan you will be having weekly blood tests and you need good veins for you chemo.

You'll probably have a kidney function test which is more needles and injections.  

One thing to note, NOTHING is as scary as you think it's going to be. You may not get any side effects at all, take each day as it comes.

We did a post in the treatment section called top tis for  treatment which you might find useful. I also 'blogged' my treatment under the title finally started treatment. I've been told it's reassured a lot of people so it might be worth a read. A couple of ladies also wrote about their treatment so have a good read through. 

Before my treatment I tried to get my body as healthy as possible.  Plenty of fresh air and walking and also eating things to boost my immune system.

Hope that helps x 

HI thanks Tivoli for the tips :)and philleepa i have been reading your "blog" from the beginning of diagnosis and you are an inspiration :)  and yeah i have been given orders to drink lots for radiotherapy which im managing well and also keeping myself lmore healthy and had my dates through post today for kidney function tests and my first chemo an radiotherapy starts same week, its all starting to feel real now :( and i couldnt be any more scared than i am ..x

Belle,  I don't know if you've seen my latest posting but I have had my scan and there's no convincing evidence of tumour showing. The treatment really works and is often not as bad as we think it's going to be. 

Please keep us posted on your journey  x talking helps x well it helped me X x lol x 

philleppa thats wonderful news :) i will definetly read ur posting, sat there few nights ago reading through your journey and few others and couldnt believe the relief i felt that i wasnt alone just sat and thought wow these woman are so brave and inspirational and strong and i havent felt like that yet,had my moments which not proud of but its the fear and the unknown i guess, and this is a wonderful supportive site which i will do my own blog through my journey just to help others like urs helped me and prob many others :) in the same boat its wonderful there is so much positiveness about the treatment and worth feeling like shit temporary to beat cancers butt :) x 

It's amazing how this forum becomes our bible!

You'll get your moment.