Just Diagnosed

I have just been diagnosed with cervical cancer (last friday) and am still in complete shock...Waiting to go for an MRI & CT Scan then guess its a waiting game to see how far advanced it is and what treatment it is...Just wanted to know how others felt at this stage...

Hi Angiepangie73

I was diagnosed on the 13 May and just found out my staging yesterday.  It has been a hard 4/5 weeks and my anxiety levels were sky high.  Like you I was shocked especially as I had no symptoms.  I hardly slept and lost my appetite. I also shed quite a few tears.

I feel slightly more relieved today although still anxious.  The waiting for staging is the worst time and I was fearing the worst. So much so I had aches and pains cropping up everywhere.

All I can say is take one day at a time, stay strong and stay off google.  There is loads of wonderful support on this site if you need it.  It has kept me going over the last month and provided so much support.

Thinking of you! Good luck with your scans xxx




Hi Angiepangie73


I was diagnosed on 9th May, like you I’d had no symptoms and it was a complete shock! I’ve shed tears, been furious and totally overwhelmed. I’ve also been lucky to have wonderfully supportive people around me. This forum has been an absolute god send,to know you’re not alone is amazing.

Allow yourself the bad days, enjoy the good days and try to stay positive. 

The waiting is the worst! But in 5 weeks I’ve had diagnosis, MRI and CT, MDT meeting and repeat LLETZ. It moves quickly really even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I’m waiting on results of second LLETZ and discussion again at MDT before a decision on treatment plan.

Good luck and whatever happens you e got this xxxx


i agree that the waiting is the worst and your mind is in over drive. All I can advise is allow yourself to rest, cry, laugh, be happy, feel anxious! Every type of emotion will come out. 

I found my kids kept me going when I didn’t want to face the world. 

I was diagnosed on the 21st May officially. I then had to wait around 1 week for staging. I am due to start chemorads within the next couple of weeks. I am feeling better now even if the prospect of having chemo is a rubbish feeling. I still have dark moments and I think that continues for a while. 

Here if you need to chat. 



Sorry you have found yourself here. Waiting is the worst! Stay off of google. Google is the devil during this time. Update us once you know more. Time flies once you start treatments.

Hey ❤️ Absolutely agree with all of the comments the waiting for results is the hardest bit it certainly was for me so far. I was diagnosed on 17th April I am 1b1 and due to have a radical hysterectomy this Wednesday. Once I had a plan in place I was in a much better head space although I do get a little anxious before any appointments and obviously I am anxious about Wednesday.

Just know that your not alone ❤️

  • I was told on the  10th June I have cervical cancer I have just been for my MRI today .. waiting is the worst it getting me so down one minute I'm ok then next I'm not try and keep busy and hopefully the wait isn't to long for you keep us updated please xx 

I was told on 28th June I have cancer but I don't know staging or anything yet. They found it in my tissue sample after having LLETZ, I'm waiting for the results of my MRI which I had on 7th July. I just feel so confused because I thought cancer took years to develop and all my smears have been fine up until this one. High risk HPV and CIN3- I honestly thought after having LLETZ it would be the end of it. I never ever expected the c word. Time just seems to be going so slow at the moment, I thought I was dealing with it well until I got on the MRI bed. The seriousness of it hit me then.

I've been reading comments on here and it's helped me feel like I'm not on my own. It's just so hard to take in at the moment. 

Hi Welshgirly

I know exactly how you feel, I’d never had abnormal smear,no HPV nothing then bam a severe abnormalities smear and cervical cancer! It’s tough, the waiting is the worst.

I felt much better following initial meeting with consultant after MRI and CT, I do remember the absolute fear in that MRI machine thinking “what am I doing here?”.

Thankfully mine has been caught at an early stage and I feel very lucky (which seems a strange thing to say I know).

You are definitely not alone. This forum is amazing. Let us know how you get on xxxx

Hi Angie, Welcome to the forum. Really sorry to hear about your diagnosis. That first week waiting for my MRI results, staging etc was honestly the worst part of this entire thing for me. I was lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see things) that my doctor got me an MRI the day of my diagnosis as I was 5 months pregnant so I only waited 4 days to find out. For me, as soon as I knew staging and treatment plan i could cope with everything so much better. Reading as much as I could, planning everything gave me some control back and made me feel like I was actually moving forward and getting closer to the end of it all!i had 5 rounds of chemo while pregnant/post partum and am having a trachelectomy next week. Here to chat if you need it :) 

CJ x

Thank you Lotty9000. The support on here is amazing xx It helps just knowing that all the emotions are normal and all the irrational thoughts are normal for a lot of people with the same diagnosis. I'm still playing the waiting game at the moment and everything I've read says this is the hardest part so I'm hoping I'll hear something this week! I hope things are going well for you? Thank you so much for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me xx