Stage 3c


So I now have my staging. 3c. Cervix and vaginal wall affected with lymphnode involvement. 

I am kind of relieved as I now know it hasn't spread to any other organs and the thought of that was terrifying. 

I'm now awaiting my treatment plan to be confirmed which it will be on Tuesday. This will most likely include surgery after chemo and radio therapy. 

I'm feeling positive that I can beat this. Can it be done? I'm sure as hell going to try!!!

Even bought myself home exercise equipment. I miss my hiit class that I can't do at the moment due to the pain. 

Any advice for easy exercise at home? 




I am sorry to read of your diagnosis but pleased that you will soon have a treatment plan in place. It absolutely can be beaten and many ladies on here have done just that!

Are you based in the UK? Surgery after treatment here is usually only considered if disease remains or comes back after treatment as the operation is very tricky due to the damage caused by radiation.

Good luck! x

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 Hi weepingwillow

Yes I am UK based. The nurse definatley said they will shrink it then look to operate.I will find out more Tuesday.

Would it depend on what hospital you are being treated at?


Hi. I'm 4 year post treatment for stage 4a. I had pretty much the same as you but it was also in my bladder wall. 

My exercise regime was walking. It got me out in the fresh air and did me good. Personally,  at this point in time, I wouldn't worry too much about exercise, the treatment is quite tiring and you want to keep your strength up for that without putting additional strain on your body x

It's only for a short period of time and hopefully you will be back at your hitt class within weeks of your treatment ending. I finished my treatment mid Feb and was back playing rounders at the beginning of April x

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Yesterday I too was diagnosed with 3c. I went from 2a to 3c due to 1 lymph node involvement. I'm even more petrified than before. Only managed 3 hrs sleep. So think g of you H. I to am in UK. I feel I have been waiting around for weeks. I don't have a start date and I'm worried it's going to spread even further. 

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