Support needed

Hi everyone, 

I have been lurking about since I was diagnosed in December and although this is my first post reading posts from all of you lovely ladies has really kept me going So far.  

I am 29 and have been having problems since April last year so was going back and forth to doctors until I finaly got referred to gynacologist  in December and that's when i was diagnosed with cc. I was initially thought to be staged 2b but an MRI and a pet scan showed the cc has spread to lymph nodes in my pelvis and one of my ovaries so although my consultant hasn't actually said stage 4 I believe that this is what stage it is. I have had my first round of chemo on 27th January and I am trying to stay positive I'm normally really good but im struggling and in need of some hope And positivity really. Is there anyone that is at a similar stage to me that has come through the other side or anyone going through this stage at the moment? 

Hi Kez,

I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through. I am not in the same situation as you but I didn't want to read and run. There are in fact quite a few women around at the moment with stage 4 so if you read through the forum you will find them. Alternatively it may not be such a bad idea to start a thread entitled 'stage 4' or something like that to help the others find you more quickly.

Be lucky



Thanks Tivoli, I really appreciate the reply I think I will do that.


I'm not sure how they stage cc.  I thought it was only stage 4 when it had spread outside the pelvis.  But stage is just a number, as are statistics, we are not numbers, we are individuals, so count yourself as one. I will be three years in remission in May.  My little girl had a rare form of non-hodgkins lymphoma, stage 4.  If I had read the statistics, she probably wouldn't be here.  She is a happy, lively girl who lives life to the full.  Out of the tree of us (me, my daughter and my son), two of us have had cancer, it just goes to show how many people get it.  Yet it is still classed as a dirty word.

You are young, I was 46 when diagnosed, age is on your side.  Being young you are in a fit state to fight cancer.  Be positive, you must be positive.  Sometimes it is really difficult, but take baby steps, and try not to look too far ahead.


Hi there. I'm stage 2 with Mets to lungs/spine/stomach/neck so technically stage 4. I belong to a stage 4 group on Facebook which has women from all around the world - it's very supportive and informative. From being a part of it I've learned that some women who were diagnosed stage 1 are no longer around and some women who were diagnosed stage 4 are still her 20+ years later. I pay no attention to statistics and I don't google anything that will bring me down. 

Which chemo are you on? I'm on carbo/taxol/avastin. Last scans confounded my drs expectations and everything is shrinking. :)

Mandy Xx

Hi Mandy, thanks for ur reply, I'm sorry to hear what u are going through it's just awful But I'm really pleased that everything is shrinking that is amazing. U are soo right though if we get wrapped up in statistics we would just crumble. Sometimes I just need reminding. I'm having cisplatin and taxol at the moment I'm getting three rounds and then I'm getting re scanned to see how it's going and then find out the next stage of treatment. I have had one round so far and I coped quite well i didn't find it as bad as I was expecting my hair has just started to fall out though and so far it has been the hardest part. How are you finding the carboplatin/taxol and avastin combo?

Kerry xxxx

Hi April thanks for ur words of encouragment, I'm so sorry to hear about ur daughter, I have a little boy and I cannot imagine what that would be like, im really glad to hear that she is  doing well and living life to the full. Its also brilliant news that ur 3 years in remission. I am normally really good at being positive but have my wobbles and just need a boost now and then.

Kerry xxxx