Stage 1a2

Hi everyone, so, I’ve been skirting around on the outside of the forum for a while now and found a lot of useful information. I began with a dodgy smear test result in January, from a smear taken at end November. It came back with HPV and the high grade disky thing. I had an appt with Colposcopy and Lletz was put off until after my holiday in February, as the Sister didn’t think anything looked suspicious. Had Lletz, phone call They hadn’t taken enough so no clear margin, back in for 2nd, came back as 1a2. Had a meeting yesterday with team in regards to simple Hysterectomy, problem is I am on Infliximab Infusions for Crohns disease, so very low immunity, so they have to pick the right time for procedure. I have a scan for Lymph Nodes on Friday morning, and I am convinced its spread, no reason for this, apart from feeling very negative about the whole thing. Every time you feel hopeful something else is thrown at you.

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Hi Nadine, so sorry you have found yourself in this club! All I can say is that you are not alone and there probably isn’t a single one of us here who haven’t had exactly the same fears about it spreading etc take some you time (easier said then done I know) and just understand that once you have had your scans and they have a plan in place you will feel a lot better and can focus on that x wishing you well xx

Thank you Gizzy. I have just convinced myself it has spread, as as soon as I think positive they throw something else at us. Just hoping I don’t freak out with MRI again tomorrow, made a right muppet of myself last time!

Just had MRI today, fortunately the nurses didn’t look at me like I was stupid when I told them I had panicked last time, and I went in feet first and didn’t seem to have the bad effect the Buscapan gave me last time, I had a radio playing and each time I felt I was going to freak out I opened my eyes to see the ceiling lights, when totally in the scanner I tried to monitor breathing and thought about dancing with my husband to try and stay in a happy place and calm. It took some doing, but now just the wait for the results which is going to be an anxious time =(


@Nadine66 sorry I just replied to you on someone else’s post! If you don’t see it I put…
@Nadine66 on another note I totally understand your frustration but do not turn to Google etc to try and find answers to all the uncertainty, if you have a cns nurse speak to them as they are brilliant for reassurance and help xx

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