Stage 1a2 (I think)

Hello again!

I had a cancellation for a MRI today! Wasn’t half as bad as I thought, just a bit long! I got my results at 4:30pm (the same day!!) and my consultant gave me the amazing news that my MRI is clear (yippee) indicating no further spread or signs of cancer, well I think she said this?

So she is confident that she got it all on the first lletz, I’ve to go for a second lletz next week to confirm. She advised that she thinks I may have another type of cc (not sure what this is called) and that this isn’t always clear on the MRI so I need another lletz. She is hoping to remove it all if there’s anything left at the second lletz. I am absolutely delighted and it is such a relief.

On a less serious note, my family member is a financial advisor and told me to make a claim through my critical illness as I have extra cover to protect me for “less advanced illness” and a “less advanced cancer” is included. My question is do I have cancer? Did I have cancer? Surely I do if I had stage 1a2? My consultant is lovely but I’m just not feeling like I have enough answers. I did ask she did stage at the moment it is stage 1a2. Has anyone had a successful claim for stage 1a2?

But yes, good news! Thanks everyone for your support so far xx


FANtastic news Jodie!

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Thank you lovely! I am delighted although quite confused at the phone call today. I’m hoping my consultant will call me tomorrow and I can ask some questions again.

I am also 1a2 and not a definite answer if “cancer” or pre??? Ob/Gyn said cancer, but oncologist made it seem like more of a “pre”… I am also don’t feel clear on what I have.

Hello, this is exactly the way I felt all the way through my diagnosis. If you have been given the stage of 1a2 then, it is definitely cancer xx