Results are in!

Hi All,

So I have posted previously about my journey so far.

Basically I have had normal smears so far and went to the GP because of abnormal spotting. Biopsies showed CIN 2 and 3 changes. After my LLETZ I was diagnosed with Stage 1 A 2 Cervical Cancer.

After a pelvic MRI, 3 weeks ago, today was results day!

I feel like a weight has been lifted. The not-knowing is actually the worst part.

It turns out my CC is actually stage 1 B 1. The margins are not clear however so I am booked to have a EUA next Tuesday to check bladder, bowel etc. My MRI is COMPLETELY CLEAR however (whoop whoop!) so the consultant has said she would be extremely surprised if it shows anything more than what they already know. She said "we are just dotting the i's and crossing the t's". I am having a radical hysterectomy in the next two weeks - they actually did my pre-op today!

The main thing is she said to me "your cancer is treatable and curable". That is all I needed to hear!

Feel like a cloud has lifted. I know I am not out of the woods yet but I can definitely see light peaking through! 

This forum had been  an absolute god send to me these past 4 weeks. Thanks for all your support and I wish you all the very best of luck xxx 

Kelly I'm so happy for you this is great news!! 

You have been in my thoughts all day! i can not believe how much better I feel since my results on Monday! and even with an op to under go and whatever treatment may or may not be needed afterwords I feel so lucky this could of been so much worse and my heart goes out to everyone who doesn't get an outcome like we have just had!! 

Today is another good day!!!

Keep in touch :)

love & Hugs 

nicola xx

Hi Nicola,

I totally agree. How much better do you feel when they say "this is what you have and here is how we are going to fix you".

I know I am in very safe and capable hands now. I am now under the care of [name of Hospital removed] (of "One Born Every Minute") and the care I have received there is a whole world away from what I received at my refering hospital. They have been fantastic today and really put me at ease. Like I said in my post, I feel like a cloud has lifted. Another thing she did say is that if I wanted to "preserve my fertility", they could offer me an alternative procedure....however I already have 2 healthy children so staying healthy for them is my priority now so I opted for the hysterectom. I wanted to put that in case anyone is reading who is in my position but still wants children.

So pleased we have both had good results Nicola. I started to worry I would be the unlucky one out of the two of us! Silly i Know. Onwards and upwards for us now. Enjoy your wedding dress fitting tomorrow xxxxx

Its not silly Kelly as the day went on and I hadn't heard from you I started to think much the same that maybe only one of us was going to be able to get good news! I'm so so happy for you! But now you do know that as you'll be having your op first I'm going to be asking you all the questions about your op and the recovery :) I hope you will have some time before your op to do some fun things with your children, and then in your recovery have lots of duvet & movie days and cuddles on the sofa with them when your feeling up to it! I ordered myself a photo cushion with photos of my children and my wee four legged babies :) something nice to cuddle into when I have my stay in hospital, you will wake up tomorrow Kelly feeling like you can now take on anything, I know I did! 

All the best with everything keep us posted!! 

Love & Hugs

nicola xx

Hi Kelly! So happy for your good news and that you are feeling much better!

Also fantastic that the team at the new hospital have put your mind at ease and you feel you are in good hands!

I guess it's great that you don't have a long wait for your op-you'll be done and on your way to recovery and putting all this behind you very soon!

xxx Anna



Great news. 

Terrific news Kelly! :-)