OMG I feel worse the now than I did when I was going through treatment I’m always sore tired and crabit and feeling ill and have to go to the toilet all the time no interest in sleeping with my husband i’ve got my mri scan on Monday to see what’s going on with my hips I hope they can find out what’s wrong with me has anyone else has these symptoms

Hi Leanne 

I'm sorry you are feeling like this... it's so frustrating to figure out every issue and wonder now what's this......

im sure some of your issues are related to the menopause and hopefully they can detirmine the issues with the pain in the hips. I wish I could write out a magical cure but I deal with sore hips and stiffness too. I'm doing ok and I do find somedays worse then others. Do try to stay positive. I always find it's easier when I can laugh about anything. 

Big hugs!!

So sorry you are feeling like this Leanne :-(


Hope you start to feel better soon!

Be lucky :-)

Thanks all still feeling like this I take ibrufen so I can work and I got my scan results back today saying all fine so I don't know why I'm sore 

Hi Leeanne I'm sore and stiff too especially after sitting for an hour or more. I don't know why. It hasn't got any better even though I stopped chemo 4 months ago. I've come to the conclusion that's it's related to mental fatigue. So I will be going for a bike ride today, it takes the weight off my legs. I'm a little down too, lost my sexy self and grieve my old life. Am single and I think that makes it a little harder. Although to be honest I am way better off without my husband than with him.  Somehow he would have turned it around to be all about him. Too much hard work. I'm glad you have someone by your side. Hopefully things will improve Jayne