Feeling really down

Just feeling really down can't work sore hips and legs going for more scans 9th October to see what is happening I just feel I am a burden getting people to do things for me I do try I'm glad I've got my wee car to go a drive to get out with my dogs I should be happy been lots of holiday this year with my family and got lots more booked for next year  but I just can't get rid of the feeling there is something seriously wrong with me that the cancer is still there that I'm in pain and find it hard to walk sorry for my rant I just don't like to tell my family how I feel and upset them love Leanne 

Hi Leanne,

I did a 12 week cancer gym program which really helped with fatigue and rebuilding some strength. It was great. A mix of cardiac and strength. I'm in Australia though. Maybe you could look around for something similar. I had really bad fatigue after the chemoradiation. Good having a program that caters for people who feel week and fatigued.

I also started on hormone replacement through the pill which has helped a teeny bit with the boney aches in hips, ribs and back.

My mind gets obsessed with cancer sometimes but I try to do some things with my friends and family occasionally that is completely non cancer related to feel normal. 

Hopefully you can find something that works for you.  It's awful and debilitating feeling that way. Take care 

You'll feel better if you get your pain controlled. See your GP. Tell them how it makes you feel and you can try and get something that works for you or even a consult with an expert.

We will get there Leanne, have faith. Its just normal for us noo to assume that every pain is cancer. Just read back old posts on here and see how many of us have hip and leg problems,that keeps me a bit more sane. Yesterday a had a midgie bite that a had scratched so much it was bleeding,and I actually asked Craig if it was skin cancer lol. He just gave me a look and shook his head. 

Am still waiting on ma 'emergency' app coming too. grrrrr. 




if all your scans are coming back good then I think it's time to seek help through pain management. A lot of GP are not qualified to help with post treatment issues. There comes a time where it is time to seek advice or get help through someone who specializes  

Im sorry you are having such a hard time and I wish you the very best 



Hi Gillian

I would advise you to go to your GP. I suffered from leg weakness/pain and difficulty going up and down stairs. I was referred to neurology and have radiation induced nerve damage. Whilst there is little they can do except watch and wait, its good to know I'm not imagining it all. I found GP was more interested tban oncologist. Please don't suffer in silence, you deserve more.