Sore breasts after RH

I had my RH back in July, but I now keep getting very sore and tender breasts. Anyone else experience this? There are no lumps or bumps, I’m guessing it’s hormonal though I kept my ovaries.

Hi Blackberry :-)

I would guess it's hormonal too though I haven't experienced the same. Do ask your doctor though.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Blackberry,

Just a quick note - I had exactly the same problem after my rad hyst.  I went to a Consultant who confirmed that it was just hormonal as I also had still got my ovaries and recommended that I take either Evening Primrose Oil or Agnus Castus.  You can get Agnus Castus from Holland & Barrett, it costs 14.99 for 2 months supply but it works wonders!  I only ever have a little bit of discomfort for about 5 days a month now which is probably when I would normally have been due on in any case.  Give them a go, you might find it works for you to. xx