Feeling bruised

Hi ladies. I'm now 11 weeks post RH. I had an open procedure and recovery has been much longer than I anticipated. For the last week or so I've had a cough which has obviously put a lot more strain in my abdominal muscles and been feeling sore over my wound site. But last couple of days I feel bruised all across my low abdomen, sort of between belly button and pubic area. My instinct is just that I've been over doing it (hubby started a new job this week and my 3 yr old is off preschool with chickenpox, so I'm doing lots with her plus can't have my daily nap) but just thought I'd ask on here if anyone has had similar feelings. Many thanks xx

Hi Blackberry

I am 2 years post op now but I remember the feelings as if they were yesterday!  I had a vertical incision RH and it took me quite a while to recover.  It sounds very much like you have been overdoing it, I was the same on occasions and your body is telling you just that.

When I spoke to my consultant about it at the time he said that the internal healing takes a lot, lot longer (up to 2 years in my case).  I was still getting feelings like that past the 12 month stage.

You could always phone your CNS too for reassurance if you are worried.



Thanks Cheryl. I spent most of the afternoon in bed after a nice bath, which has helped. I just need to remind myself I'm still healing!!

Hi Blackberry,

I had similar surgery at the same time as you (also 1b1) and am in exactly the same place.  Obvious wounds have healed and I am keen to forget about this little 'blip' and get back to normal. My consultant seemed to think I would be able to play netball by now........... 

Anyway, my body is reminding me that no matter how frustrating it is, I am still recovering from major surgery.  Aching and swollen belly if I do too much.  

I have spent a chilled afternoon resting and feel so much better.  For me putting my feet up seems to help.

Take care 

Thanks M. I've emailed my CNS today and she got straight back but just asking if I had a scan since, as I got a large haematoma after surgery which I can still feel a lumo of under the skin. So I'll see what she says about that tomorrow. Can't wait for my little one to go back to preschool so I can rest for a couple of hours!