labia lumps

Hi, I am at the end of my chemo rads and over this last week have had some hard lumps appear on my outer labia. They are sore and irritate. The skin on the crease of my legs (knicker line) is red and tender also. I'm assuming this is all from radiotherapy but is there anything I can do to treat it? Would like to stick to natural remedies if possible

I think you need to tell your nurse about these. When we are in the CC club we are at higher risk for vulval and vaginal abnormalities. Better safe than sorry.

Certainly it does sound like a radiotherapy side-effect but definitely raise it with your team.

Be lucky :-)

Hi, I had this with sores inside of my vigina and they were so painful!!! I brought a cream from boots I can't remember the name sorry you have to order it online to be delivered in store and it cost £9.00 expensive as it's not a large tub but you only need a tiny bit it helped soooo bloody much!!! It helps with the natural healing of the skin and within I would say 2 weeks the sores had gone.

It was a god send! The hospital will recommend a cream I don't know if it's the same one - eucerin it's called the brand just found it

Ah thanks Carmel! 

Just had my first brachy yesterday so now burning on the inside too....ouchy!!

Hope you are well xxx

The burning does pass but if toy get pain when you go for a wee it could be cystitis - I got it following my treatment and it's agony!! So keep an eye out on it but the pain does go!

And your welcome I really can not recommend the cream enough it's thick so stays in place too xx