Sometimes it's funny ....

So I just had my second colposcopy with a biopsy (that was new)
Nurse said that she is only doing it as another view as my cells haven’t changed at all although still look mild. She thinks I may be inbetween cin1 and cin2, if that’s possible.
She has said not to worry although the has discussed treatments with me somewhat.

Anyway! I just thought I’d share a little giggle I had today with all of you, after all it can’t all be sad.
So I shot the speculum at the nurse today. Landed in her lap! I was trying so hard to control my muscles as I can always feel that if I relaxed and let myself tighten (natural reaction) it will fly out. And another nurse started chatting to me and out it popped!
I was laughing so much they had to wait to put it back in again!
Apparently they said I must have strong muscles!

Ever thought of investing in some pingpong balls?? :)

Hahahaha Judith63 don't, my partner would probably run out and grab them quick!!