Colposcopy today - a bit ouchy !!

I had my colposcopy today - I have to say thanks to all the information from everyone on here it was exactly as I expected and I am glad its done

Whilst I was in the waiting room I realised one of the nursing assistants was my neighbour 2 doors up and though I knew she worked at the hosp I didn't realise she was in the womens health block.  So I went and had a quick chat with her and she reassured me the doctor I was seeing was lovely and would put me at ease (she could see I was nervous !)

The Doc went through the smear results with me and there was a bit more information than I got in the letter.  All that said was I had High Grade Dyskaryosis.   The report she had said "normal looking cervix, query candida infection (which the nurse taking the smear had mentioned) moderate cell changes, high grade dyskaryosis. 

I asked her what the moderate change bit means as the letter just said high grade.  She said the dyskaryosis grade of low, medium or high refers to the grade of change of the cells, the low, moderate or severe part refers to the number of cells that have changed - at least thats how I understood what she told me

So I was up in the stirrups and she got on with it, she said she did 2 different stains to show the cells and mumbled from the depths that she agreed with the "moderate" changes which is a relief.  She then said she thought she should do a biopsies whilst they had me there so she took 2 and they certainly did pinch a bit but it was over quickly

So afterwards she discussed with me what they would want to do.  She said if i was 25 and looking to have children then may not take the cells away, but as I am older (well past my sell by date for having kids !) best to get the cells out and did I think i could handle it being done by local anaesthetic or would I need to be put out for it.   I said I would be brave and have the local.

I know this is all assuming the biopsies come back with CIN rather than cancer, but I am encouraged by the fact she was discussing that proceedure with me - maybe she thinks it is still CIN - at least thats how I am choosing the read it !  

She said I should get results in about 4 weeks - though from reading other posts I guess if I hear sooner then it means its not good news.

Its that waiting game then for me - as for so many others...........treating myself to a large glass of red wine.....I know its a "school night" but I was a big brave girl today so I deserve it !!



Hi Disey, you well deserve that glass of wine, i’m glad the doc put you at ease. I had Lletz under local n it really isn’t that bad, i was amazed at how quick it was. Good luck with your results x

Lots of luck with your results Disney. I hope you don't have to wait too long. Keep us posted.



Disey that should say! Bloody auto correct! Lol


Glad it all went well in the end! Yes the waiting is the horrible bit but as they spoke to you about it looking like moderate changes, etc it looks promising that will be ok. My dr and nurse wouldn't say anything, just that had to wait... And like you said, I heard back well before the 4-6 weeks I had been told with the bad news.

So, fingers crossed. Hope u enjoyed that glass of wine! Don